SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Stalemate. Overnight, Senate Democrats block the nearly $2 trillion coronavirus aid package, saying it has a slush fund for big business. Republicans warning their rivals are playing with fire as the economy tanks.


GUTHRIE: As mentioned, overnight, the new $2 trillion coronavirus aid package was blocked by Senate Democrats on Capitol Hill, and there’s also a new case of the virus there. NBC’s Tom Costello’s got that part of the story. Tom, good morning to you.

TOM COSTELLO: Yeah, good morning. So, the Senate’s going to try again today to vote on its version of that $2 trillion stimulus package. However, they’ve got a problem because now a U.S. Senator has tested positive for the virus. House Democrats say that they want to have their own bill which really focuses, they say, more on families and workers than on big business.

The administration’s focus, it says, is right now on pushing critical supplies, medical supplies, to cities in need. But in some of the hardest hit cities, like New York, city officials say the the federal response so far has been insufficient.

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Battle Over Economic Rescue Package; Dems Block Bill as Talks Stall Amid Growing Crisis]

On Capitol Hill this morning, Republicans and Democrats remain at odds over spending. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blamed House Democrats after a procedural vote on the Senate measure failed Sunday evening.

SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL [R-KY]: The Speaker of the House shows up and we’re back to square one.

COSTELLO: Nancy Pelosi firing back, Democrats want more money and better protections for affected workers and their families.

REP. NANCY PELOSI [D-CA]: We’ll be introducing our own bill and hopefully it will be compatible with what they discussed in the Senate.

COSTELLO: But McConnell faces another major hurdle, with Rand Paul becoming the first U.S. senator to test positive for the virus and several other Republican senators now in self-quarantine. All this adding to the debate over whether members of congress, many of whom are in the high-risk category for coronavirus, should be allowed to vote remotely, which is currently not allowed.

DONALD TRUMP: I think it may be a constitutional reason why you should, but we could be in a position where I would certainly be favor of it, where they could vote from a certain outside location.

COSTELLO: And with growing concerns about a deepening recession, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says it could be June before things start to normalize. The President’s hopeful the stimulus package and pent-up demand for services like eating out will lead to a speedy economic recovery.

TRUMP: Our goal is to get relief as quickly as possible so that families can get by and small businesses can keep workers on the payroll. This will help our economy. And you will see our economy skyrocket once this is over.



HODA KOTB: Overnight, a vote to advance a $2 trillion stimulus bill failed. Democrats argue the economic rescue package is tilted toward corporations and does too little to help workers and health care providers. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accused Democrats of obstruction.



GUTHRIE: Governor, last night, I believe it was yesterday, the Democrats in Congress blocked this latest almost $2 trillion aid package on the basis that, according to Democrats, it had a “slush fund” – what they call it, a pejorative term – too much money to corporations, not enough to regular folks. My question to you though is, people are desperate, they need this money, they need this help. Is this the time to have these kinds of arguments or should it be fast-tracked essentially?

GOV. J.B. PRITZKER [D-IL]: Well, we certainly need another stimulus put in place. I think some of the lessons of 2008 need to be learned though. The money really needs to get in the hands of the middle class, the working class, and people who really need it. And the states, by the way, who are providing services to people who are now out of work and those who are developmentally disabled and others. Because remember, our revenues in the states are dropping precipitously because people are out of work and businesses have closed and we are increasing our expenditures in order to take care of people across the United States. So we need another stimulus, no doubt about it. There shouldn’t be an argument, but the argument – but the truth is that this stimulus bill should be about average people –          

GUTHRIE: Well, how long do you want Democrats to hold this line?

PRITZKER: Say it again.

GUTHRIE: Yeah, yeah. I said how long, though, do you want your colleagues in the Senate to hold this line, you know, and make this point?

PRITZKER: Well, I mean, how long? Look, they should resolve this today, there’s no doubt about it. But needlessly handing billions of dollars to companies when you could put it in the hands of average folks or into the hands of states that are providing services seems, you know, illogical to me.


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