ALL WRONG: Ridley Scott Blasts ‘Nutcase’ Trump, Praises Gov. Cuomo, Calls CNN ‘The Best’

Riddley Scott

Legendary Alien and Blade Runner director Ridley Scott seems a bit frustrated with President Donald Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic. The 82-year-old movie maker questioned the president’s mental health and intelligence on how he’s handled things for the past two months, calling him a “nutcase.”

Oh but of course, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is the one doing the competent job in all this according to Scott. Yep, it’s clear the director’s been drinking the CNN kool-aid.

Hollywood outlet Variety conducted the interview with Scott from the comfort of his L.A. home. He claimed that he had to postpone production on his latest film, “The Last Duel,” a film set in 14th century Europe starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck But he didn’t seem too stressed with the current hiatus, calling the temporary shutdown “sensible.”

But the people in charge, mandating the “sensible” social distancing precautions are not as sensible because, you know, this is Hollywood and those politicians happen to be Donald Trump.

Variety asked him his opinion of the world leader’s performances and Scott predictably trashed Trump, calling him a “nutcase.”

“Particularly with this orange-headed fellow that’s running us, he’s a nutcase, isn’t he?” he claimed about the U.S. president. Oh sure. We’re betting that Scott has completely bought into the fact that Trump caused much of this problem. The fact that he subsequently hailed CNN as “the best” news outlet at the moment gives it away.

Scott made the laughable claim, “I still think CNN’s the best and they are in dismay at how it’s not being handled properly.” And that’s all she wrote folks.

It’s probably safe to assume that the Prometheus director has been watching and nodding along while Jake Tapper insinuates that the President is getting people killed by putting out a “false sense of security” about the virus .

You can also tell Scott has bought into CNN’s loving appraisal of NYC governor Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the virus. Chris Cilizza and the CNN crew have fawned over Cuomo’s “leadership” and “empathy in action,” — things Trump has “struggled” to find. Like clockwork, Scott claimed, “Cuomo made a name for himself, he’s put himself on the map certainly.”

Yeah not hard to pick him out of a crowd when his state has most of the Covid cases in the country. Those high numbers, Mr. Scott, take a look at NY.

What’s even funnier is that Scott followed that up with a strange almost Trumpian rant against “globalization.” He wrote, “Looking at the globalization of the politicians that are running the world, half the time being run by idiots and the other time by despots, there are very few worthwhile ones, if you know what I mean.” Pretty interesting tone for a Trump hater.

Of course, Trump’s not one of the “worthwhile” politicians in this scenario. Fine. But could he at least give a shout out to Chinese President Xi Jinping for his incompetence or something. Scott loves hating bad world leaders but can’t call out the one who made this mess?


March 27, 2020 6:00 pm

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