MSNBC's O'Donnnell Calls Trump 'America's Dracula' in Insane Rant

MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell


10:07:51 PM

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: From the one person in that room today who fears the coronavirus more than anyone else in that room: Donald Trump. That is a picture of Donald Trump in abject fear of the coronavirus. It may be the one rational fear that Donald Trump has. He did the right thing by keeping those kids very far away from him. But he did a profoundly cruel and inhumane thing by encouraging those kids to gather shoulder to shoulder, sitting before him in praise of him. Because he is America’s Dracula, who takes his sustenance from other people. The image of himself that he sees in the adoring eyes of his audience is what Dracula Trump so desperately needs to get through another day of the excruciating insecurity of being Donald Trump. A weight that he has born with varying degrees of rage his entire life. 

If some of those kids get sick today, and if they go home and kill their grandparents, then that’s what had to happen. To make America’s Dracula feel good for ninety minutes on that stage today in Arizona. A state where Joe Biden has a lead in the polls over Donald Trump, which is much, much more important to Donald Trump than the health risks to his audience or the deadly risk to their parents and the even more deadly risk to their grandparents. If some grand parents have to die for Donald Trump to catch up to Joe Biden in Arizona, if some grandparents have to die for Donald Trump to help the incumbent Republican Senator close the thirteen-point lead that Democratic candidate Mark Kelly has in the Senate race, then that’s what Donald Trump’s father taught him to call the cost of doing business. 

We have never before seen an American president willfully put people’s lives at risk, simply so that he can enjoy the sound of applause from the people whose lives he is risking and whose family and friends he is risking. Thousands of people who were not in that room today with Donald Trump now run the risk of being infected and possibly killed by people who were in that room today with Donald Trump. No previous president would ever have done something like that, and you must not allow the American news media to normalize these Trump events for you as some kind of rerun of what we saw in the campaign four years ago. This is new. We have not seen this before. If the polls are right, Joe Biden will crush Donald Trump. And if we’re lucky, we will never see anything like this again.


June 26, 2020 5:10 pm

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