Sleepy Joe Biden on Tuesday held a ‘campaign event’ in Wilmington, Delaware.

77-year-old Biden delivered remarks on the so-called “Coronavirus pandemic” and the economy.

And it was a total bust!

First of all, Biden forced a handful of ‘reporters’ to sit in social distancing circles.

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Biden can’t even fill a gym!

Then Biden revealed the entire event was staged — all the questions were pre-planned!

Biden’s mental faculties are no more.

Despite looking down at his notes, Biden forgot the name of his own hometown newspaper!

“Where’s the uh — the Wilmington — uh — uh the Delaware State News — I mean the Delaware News Journal I should say,” said Biden. “That’s my hometown team.”


No wonder why Biden announced Tuesday he will not hold any rallies.

Biden’s mind is gone and no one shows up to his events.

June 30, 2020 6:18 pm

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