[VIDEO] Anti-Trump Crackpot Neil Cavuto Forced to Eat Major Crow Over “Hydroxychloroquine” and It’s Delicious

Neil Cavuto FOX Business News

Neil Cavuto is as bad, if not worse than Shep Smith. He hates President Trump and uses his platform to spew lies – although, unlike diva Shep who spread fake news every day, the lies Cavuto spewed about Hydroxychloroquine could have cost people their lives.

Yes, Cavuto is so riddled with Stage 5 TDS that he’d rather watch people suffer and remain sick than even consider that a medication that Trump touted could be beneficial.

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Typical liberal behavior…and that’s exactly what Cavuto is…a liberal in a “fake conservative” suit.

Starting back in May, Cavuto named himself “fact-checker” of all things Hydroxychloroquine-related and would blast everything and anything Trump said about the drug like an unhinged lunatic.

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You can watch the video from May below:


Back in July, Cavuto went on another tirade against Hydroxychloroquine, shaming President Trump, as if he were some dim-witted grim reaper who was trying to kill Americans…But, as those of us who are not stricken with Stage 5 TDS have known all along, Hydroxychloroquine works and has always worked.

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And now, Neil “Fact-Checker” Cavuto knows too, and now he’s forced to eat a huge plate of crow….and it’s deeeeelicious to watch.

You can watch the video below:

There is nothing better than watching these smug anti-Trump crackpots eat crow when Trump is proven right.

And nobody deserves to be shamed more than Crazy Cavuto.

He’s useless.


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July 8, 2020 6:19 pm


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