[VIDEO] Disturbing New Video Claims TikTok is a “Pedophilia Magnet” and a Tool to “Exploit and Groom Children”

There’s a lot of debate right now involving video app TikTok.

The main crux of the conversation revolves around the fact that TikTok is “China spyware” and is a security threat for the United States.

So much so, that President Trump has vowed to ban the app in the United States.

That has a lot of teenagers pretty upset.

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The app is basically geared to kids around 13 years old.

So, it’s a breeding ground for unspeakable disaster.

And that’s exactly what is NOT being talked about.

There is another even darker side of the app that involves the exploitation of children.

A new damning and very disturbing video actually reveals the child exploitation and grooming going on inside TikTok.

There are many problems and concerns about the grooming of children on TikTok, but one of the main issues is that TikTok doesn’t have a hardline stance against these child predators.

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As a matter of fact, according to the video, the site allows these monsters back after serving out brief  “suspensions” for their behavior and grooming.

You can watch the video below:

President Trump is obviously onto something here. I’ll admit, I like to occasionally watch TikTok videos for beauty tips and home-organizing ideas, but I’d happily give that up to save even one child from being groomed and abused by pedophiles who are using the site to troll for victims.

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Yes, I am also concerned about Chinese taking our data and doing God-knows-what with it, but the pedophile stuff is what I find most disturbing.

It shocks me that parents just allow their kids to be online so “willy-nilly.” I can’t imagine that. Especially knowing how many evil and very crafty people there are out there whose sole purpose is to abuse kids.


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August 2, 2020 2:10 pm


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