Black Lives Matter Mob Attacks #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka after RNC — Hurl Cup at Him, Harass Him and Call Him and His Friend “F*ggots!”

The final night of the 2020 RNC was held in Washington DC at the White House this year.

President Trump spoke out against the continued violence, looting and anarchy by the violent left in cities across the country in his speech.

Immediately following his speech the left swarmed, harassed and attacked Trump supporters leaving the venue to their get to their cars.

One elderly Trump supporter was swarmed and knocked down by the BLM, Biden mob outside the White House.

Another man was cornered by the White House gate and swarmed by HUNDREDS of violent leftists following the president’s speech.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Violent Black Lives Matter Mob Attacks Sen. Rand Paul as He Leaves RNC in DC

Senator Rand Paul was swarmed and attacked by the violent leftists as he and his wife left the White House gates.

And #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka and his friends were attacked and harassed by Black Lives Matter goons on the way to their hotel.

Brandon captured part of the attack on video after the leftists started harassing them.

We spoke with Brandon Straka this morning and Brandon told us about the frightening event.

Brandon said his group was forced to walk several blocks to their hotel because hundreds of Black Lives Matter activists had shut down the streets in Washington DC.  This put hundreds of Trump supporters in danger as they were forced to walk through the violent mobs.

DC’s Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser allowed this to happen.

Brandon said they got out to walk to their hotel when several Black Lives Matter activists began to harass them. Brandon added, “We were minding our own business.”  The BLM activists were looking for a fight. They immediately started calling Brandon and his friend “f*ggots!” something Brandon said has not happened to him in ten years. They then threatened Brandon and his friends and at one point a woman threw a cup at  Brandon.

This was allowed to happen after the RNC in Washington DC.

August 28, 2020 2:10 pm

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