Good lord, Don Lemon is starting to sound like a member of Antifa.

During a segment with Chris Cuomo, Lemon stated that “We have to blow up the whole system,” in regards to Trump’s upcoming SCOTUS appointment.

After that disturbing statement he followed up by saying we need to abolish the electoral college, which can easily be done once Biden wins.

This is more than far-left, this thought process is completely off the U.S. map.

Watch the video:

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I mean, not even flaming liberal Chris Cuomo can get onboard with this craziness.

Twitter users also found Lemon’s words to be pretty disturbing as well:

“Didn’t Brian Stetler just say Tucker was crazy for claiming the left is inciting violence. This is his own network”

“They are incredibly scared and desperate!”

“Don Lemon clearly doesn’t know a thing about our country… how it operates, why it is the way it is. He literally want mob rule, which our amazing founding fathers sought to avoid. Wondering if he even had the capacity to learn, or is he another lib zombie?!?”

““The minority in the country decides who the judges are, & who the president is”. Minority? Their vote shouldn’t count because “minority”? Remove the electoral college, & it won’t count. Cities will decide what’s best for rural, though their needs are very different. Foolish man.”

“You’re not blowing up our system, we made it the way we want it. Go ask China for some land and try making a system over there. See how far you get.”

Don Lemon is clearly as desperate as the rest of the Democrat party to try and cope with their pathetic situation

They’re clearly being driven by fear and desperation.

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September 22, 2020 10:44 am

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