“What’s Political is if He DOESN’T REPORT – Ratcliffe Has to Declassify this Information!” – Sen. Ron Johnson GOES OFF after News that Durham Report Delayed til After Election! (VIDEO)

Maria Bartiromo opened up Sunday Morning Futures with this breaking news– US Attorney John Durham will NOT release his report before the 2020 election.

According to Bartiromo, a debate has begun within the Department of Justice as the timing of John Durham’s criminal investigation conclusion. Sources said it is now too close to the election and could be viewed as politically motivated.

Following her opening segment this morning Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) went off on the news that John Durham is NOT going to release his report before the election.

Senator Ron Johnson: It’s incredibly disappointing that John Durham is not going to be reporting. What’s political is if he DOESN’T report! We have had what I call the deep state through these other investigations prevent the American public from knowing what happened with the FBI’s corruption of their investigation, the corruption of the transition process. For three-and-a-half years we have been prevented from getting documents because John Durham doesn’t want us to in anyway, shape or form affect his prosecution. So the bottom line that means the American people might go to the polls without knowing the full extent and all the detail of all the corruption… If he’s not going to present indictments Attorney General Barr has to make available to the American public what they already found out. Or at a minimum to provide those documents to people like me. These things are under subpoena! John Ratcliffe has to declassify this information so we can make it public to the American public before the election!

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Via Sunday Morning Futures:

September 27, 2020 3:18 pm


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