New Video Supports Our Initial Observations that BLM Is Connected to Democrats, Communists, Terrorists and China

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We reported on May 30th the recent riots in Democrat-led cities around the country were coordinated and related to three main groups: 1) US based Islamist Organizations, 2) Domestic terrorists, and 3) Others related to the Democrat Party.

There clearly was no reason for the mass riots taking place around the country after the death of the individual at the hands of the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Nothing warrants the wholesale destruction of property and and riots around the US since that event.

Here’s who we predicted were involved:

1. Domestic Terrorists

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Across the country we have seen numerous incidents of domestic terrorists tearing the big cities apart.

In Portland, Oregon, Antifa showed up as was expected:

In Boston more masked rioters:

The same in Washington DC where Antifa set a church on fire and attacked the people’s house – the White House:

In Santa Monica, Antifa set a police car on fire and chased the police away:

2. US Based Radical Islamists

In LA rioters vandalized a Jewish synagogue and then came back later in the night to burn it down:

In Minnesota, the Governor’s daughter and Ilhan Omar’s daughter were both sharing Intel with rioters:

3. Democrats

In New York City, the mayor’s daughter is involved in the protests:

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to condemn the looters and rioters, she just attacked President Trump:

Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden looked weak while meeting with members of Black Lives Matter (another domestic group involved in the riots):

At Least 13 Joe Biden Staffers Donate to Group Supporting Violent Minnesota Looters and Rioters

A new video on Vimeo shows that we were right.  The excellent video reports that BLM are tied to international communism and Palestinian terrorism, just like we reported in May.  This video is frightening and a must view and touches upon China’s relationship to BLM as well:

Black Lives Matter Exposed from Choose Freedom on Vimeo.

God bless the USA.

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October 6, 2020 12:00 pm

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