DON’T BELIEVE GARBAGE POLLS: Trump Is Crushing Biden In Energy and Our ‘Rally Tally’ in Boat, Car, Horse and Buggy Parades and Even Cookie Sales

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CNN came out with a poll showing Joe Biden ahead of President Trump by double digits.  But this makes no sense.  Democrats and their media are telling us to trust them and not our own two eyes.  No thanks.

CNN and other fake news outlets are now pushing fake polls.

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Time will tell but there is ample evidence that President Trump is way ahead of Biden as the 2020 election moves forward.

For one, we have been keeping a ‘rally tally’ which shows President Trump is crushing – JUST CRUSHING – Biden in supporters attendance at his events.

EPIC! Amish Trump Supporters Hold COW, HORSE, WAGON AND CARRIAGE TRUMP PARADE in Fredericksburg, Ohio (Video)

Since Labor Day the President has entertained more than 250,000 supporters at his events compared to Biden with a little over 300 supporters at his events.  It was bad in 2016 but it’s even worse this year:

For example, look at the number of people waiting at a train station in Pittsburgh to see Joe Biden after the first debate.  Small city mayors get more attendance:

Compare that to a recent Trump rally in Pennsylvania:

The Democrats and their media don’t want Americans to trust their own two eyes!

President Trump has massive boat parades seemingly every weekend around the country.  We’ve heard of no Biden boat parades:

On the other hand, a Biden car parade in another big city (Las Vegas) was another dud:

Look at this line of people trying to see President Trump in Nevada:

Trump has had cowboy gatherings on horseback:

Even in a cookie poll from New Jersey, President Trump is far outpacing Sleepy Joe:

Trust your own two eyes.  Trump is crushing Biden.  The only way Biden wins is if he and the Democrats steal the election from good working Americans.

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October 8, 2020 3:39 pm

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