EXCLUSIVE: Police Say Denver Killer Is Security Guard and Is Not Antifa – But All Evidence Suggests This is Not the Case

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Initial reports came out yesterday that a local news producer and their bodyguard were taken into custody for the fatal shooting of a Trump supporter during dueling rallies in Denver on Saturday.

All initial reports had indicated that it was a conflict between Antifa and conservatives, but the Denver Police later issued a statement saying that the shooter did not have any ties to the militant leftists.  We now believe this assertion by the police may not be accurate.

Kyle Clark of 9 News, a local Denver station, tweeted on Saturday evening:

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The producer was not arrested, but was taken into custody as a person of interest.

In a statement posted to Twitter, the Denver Police said that “the suspect is a private security guard with no affiliation with Antifa.”

As we previously pointed out, the police claim the shooter was not aligned with Antifa or BLM but other reports on the Internet suggest this may not be the case.

Earlier this evening we reported the shooter’s name, Dolloff, is missing on the Colorado list of Registered Security Guards in Denver.  There are a number of active security guard licenses:


But if you download the file and sort the name column alphabetically – the file is entered under “FIRST NAME LAST NAME” Format, there is no Dolloff or similar on the list. Here is the list sorted as mentioned:

Now we have more information based on a couple composites of the event from Yaacov Apelbaum.

In this first composite, another representative of 9 News is identified – photographer Helen Richardson.  Ms. Richardson has a history of being involved in events up close. On Saturday she was using the Antifa ‘canned soup drive’ as an opportunity to get some shots while she used Antifa as shields.  Richardson herself is a progressive social activist:

Ms. Richardson has taken pictures of violent conflicts and has a history of documenting police brutality.  She works closely with the producer who was dressed in blue in the 2nd picture down on the right.  He was arrested along with Dolloff but later set free.  (Were Richardson and her producer the ones who told the police Dolloff was a security guard and not Antifa?)

The pictures on the right of the composite show that Dolloff was involved in Occupy Denver and he was a Bernie Bro.  Nearly everything he does looks connected to Antifa.

See composite below:

Next Apelbaum provides a composite of the types of messages Dolloff was sharing online.  He is Anti-Trump, Anti-Israel, Pro-Islamic, Anti-Police and Anti-US Military.  All this provides more support that Dolloff is connected to Antifa:

What is going on? Do the police have evidence the shooter was a security guard and was not aligned with the radical and violent Antifa?  Who told them this was the case?  Something is not right with yesterday’s police assertions on Killer Dolloff.

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October 12, 2020 2:11 am


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