[VIDEO] Many People Mocking Joe’s Awkward and Shaky “Elderly Man Jog” That He Keeps Doing at Events


What do you do if you have a candidate that appears senile, frail, and weak?


Well, you have him awkwardly “jog” in/out of every event in order to prove how strong he is…Duh.

That’s precisely what the Biden campaign appears to be doing right now, and it’s falling (pun intended) flat with a lot of folks.

Biden looks shaky, unsteady, and awkward doing these forced/phony “jogs.”

What type of cognitive issues do you think Joe Biden Has?

He’s Faking It
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You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying about Forrest Biden:

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“Is he running to jail?”

“Jack LaLanne?”

“so sad–what an idiot–and his coaches my God WTH is wrong with them–“

“He is just trying to psych the people into thinking that he is fit and busy. However, you only need to see what they are telling you and consider the opposite of being the truth.”

“Can you imagine the strategist that came up with, ” Make Joe run, it will appear he is more energetic and less senile ” This is why Trump won and will win again. The days of ” experts ” running campaigns are through.”

“His Depends was full”

“An elderly person afflicted with senile dementia. He will need 24/7 care soon. Anyone who has cared for a dementia patient can see this.”

“Running to show he is robust! All for show”

“Does he have to go to the bathroom?”

“This is supposed to make him look fit 😂”

This entire Biden campaign is one big CIA-style psyop.

Nothing you see is real. It’s all phony.

This whole campaign is just smoke and mirrors, and you can tell by how goofy and low-budget they’re running this thing that they think Americans are really, really stupid and gullible.

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October 30, 2020 2:14 pm


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