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BREAKING: Arizona State Rep Issues Call to Withhold State’s Electoral College Votes to Joe Biden Due to Significant Evidence of Fraud

Mark Finchem Arizona state representative Mark Finchem (district 11) on Monday issued a call to withhold the state’s Electoral College votes for Joe Biden because “he believes there is enough significant evidence of fraud to invalidate the state’s votes.” President

Nets Blackout Fauci Saying Kids Should Be in School, Tucker SKEWERS Him

November 30, 2020 11:03 pm

New York Times Book Review Leads With Endless Saga on St. Barack’s ‘Legacy of Hope’

November 30, 2020 10:49 pm

Dr. Shiva Presents Data at Arizona Hearing That Completely Obliterates Biden Victory Narrative (VIDEO)

President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Trump campaign senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis appeared before Arizona state lawmakers in a public hearing on Monday. Rudy Giuliani was on fire in his opening argument on Monday. Advertisement – story continues

VIDEO: Anonymous Email from Arizona Tech Worker Alleges 35,000 Votes Were Given to Democrats in Pima County — Was Told During Sept. 10 Meeting (VIDEO)

A copy of the email was displayed during the event on Monday, as cited by retired Army Col. Phil Waldron. Waldron alleged that the information was from a Pima County tech support provider. The event was held by some Republican members of

Schumer Uses COVID to Claim It's 'Imperative' for Senate to Hold Hearings for Biden’s Cabinet Before He's Inaugurated

On this episode of “Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer trotted out to the Senate floor on Monday to claim it “imperative” that the Senate begin confirmation hearings for Joe Biden’s cabinet picks

Trump Legal Team Responds to Certification of Arizona’s False Election Results – Secretary of State Now Reporting RECORD 79.9% Voter Turnout

Jenna Ellis The Trump-hating Arizona Secretary of State on Monday certified the state’s false election results. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs previously called Trump supporters “neo-nazis.” Advertisement – story continues below Katie Hobbs rushed to certify the election results despite

Morning Joe Hysteria: Trump Will Try to Pardon Himself Before Leaving Office!

November 30, 2020 9:19 pm

NYC-Based CBS Raged at Shutting Schools, Now Decry Opened Florida

November 30, 2020 9:13 pm

Take a Look at the “Heavy-Hitter” Sidney Powell Just Added to Her Election Legal Team…Kraken Part II?

Navid Keshavartz-Nia

The media, Dems, and even many so-called “Republicans” mocked Sidney Powell. People like Tucker and others on Fox News taunted her and needled her for “evidence” as if she had nothing, and was just playing a big game or something.