WATCH: Check Out This Shocking Segment…Fox News is Now 100 Percent Indistinguishable From CNN

Fox News

From Daily Beast

During an interview Saturday with Trump campaign spokesperson Erin Perrine, weekend anchor Leland Vittert had trouble hiding his incredulous contempt for the president’s outright refusal to admit he has lost the presidential race to Joe Biden.

All Vittert wanted to know from Perrine is where the Trump campaign thinks it’s going to find enough “fraudulent” votes to somehow change the outcome of the election, but she couldn’t come up with a comprehensible answer. He visibly laughed in her face as she claimed “the legal path ahead exists here.”

It was blatant enough that Perrine told him to “keep smirking, making your faces and rolling your eyes,” adding, “You guys spent years trying to run up the Russia hoax against the president and the hypocrisy continues!” And then later, “You guys keep calling [Biden] the president-elect!”

“I don’t know who ‘you guys’ are,” Vittert said, to which his guest replied, “I’m Erin Perrine, I work for the president of the United States.”

“I’m trying to ask you, very simply, where are you going to find the votes?” the anchor asked. “You say you want to count every vote conceivably because you think you’re going to pull ahead. Where are the votes in a path to 270? Where?”

“We are taking every legal avenue that exists in these states to make sure that legal votes are counted and illegal votes are counted,” Perrine responded, appearing to misspeak in the heated moment. “For every Democrat and every talking head on the news, how much fraud is OK? How many dead people can vote and you’re OK with that?”

Laughing, Vittert asked, “Am I OK with it?” before going after her again for lumping him in with “you guys” in the media. “So now you just attack everybody if they don’t agree with you?” he asked before cutting the interview short.

November 15, 2020 4:15 pm

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