Joe Biden’s Team Won’t Allow Pool Reporters to See Biden Go In or Leave Doctor Appointment After He Twists His Ankle – No Explanation Given

78-year-old Joe Biden slipped and twisted his ankle while playing with his German shepherd named Major on Saturday.

Joe Biden on Sunday afternoon went to visit an orthopedist: “out of an abundance of caution, he will be examined by a doctor.”

Joe Biden’s team will not allow pool reporters to see Biden go in or leave the Orthopedist’s office. Repeated requests were denied.

Per ABC reporter Ben Siegel: Reporters traveling with Biden aren’t being allowed to get off their van to see him depart the doctor’s office.

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No explanation was given.

So what is really going on with Joe Biden? How serious is his injury?

If this was President Trump, the media would be screeching and spreading crazy conspiracy theories about his health.

When President Trump announced he tested positive for Covid-19, the American people watched Trump as he walked to Marine One en route to Walter Reed.

Why can’t reporters see Biden go in or leave his doctor appointment?

November 29, 2020 10:33 pm

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