Opinion: He Was Elected POTUS, Given Mega Status, Praised; But The Country Is Racist?

Barack Obama campaigned and got votes from white, black, red, yellow, orange, and blue Americans in 2008 and 2012. He rode the coattails of racism with the media guiding him through the pitfalls of hard questions while defending his fundamental transformation of a country that never asked for it. Yet, according to his mindset and new book, the country is still racist, which I won’t even mention.

First off, racism does exist, but this country is not racist. The hint of hating someone because of their color is out there, but the majority of Americans could care less about who you were, what you were doing, where you stay, and what job you have.


Obama’s fatal flaw is that he always sees the glass as half empty. He truly believes he needs to be accepted by everyone, including Republicans who saw what he was trying to do with the country after telling patriots his feelings for this nation.

Hope and change was an illusion, as is Obama himself. In 2008 I read his campaign website, as I had never heard of the junior senator from Illinois. His “vision” of a civilian militia, as well or better trained than our military, gave me the creeps — as well as a look back to 1930s Germany.

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As far as I can tell, he worked a 40 hour week and didn’t make himself available for national emergencies when he was “off the clock.” If he had any integrity, he would repay the government for 8 years of salary.

He has transmitted so many times his disdain for this country. To be an effective leader, one has to believe in what they are leading, and he has demonstrated so many times that that is just not the case with him. When he ran for President, his great oratory skills made it appear that he had a positive vision for the country, but once he got into office, that positivity and vision vanished.

Obama has always been owned lock, stock, and barrel by the white globalist cabals, and he continues to do their bidding from behind his liberal mask. Obama was a disaster as President; he was also used to engage in war-fare and forced illegal regime change to ensure profits for the globalists were many.

Obama is a toxic divisive man who will use and abuse whatever and whoever has to be abused to obtain the result, and the strangest part is—he knows it. I don’t know if he knows who he really is. He’s trying to play the black card for black Americans and white liberal apologists, and it’s sickening.


From wire-tapping Germany’s Angela Merkel’s phone to running illegal guns into Mexico, placing kids in cages, and dropping more bombs than any President in the history of our nation, he excelled at doing nothing for Americans. Still, he did a lot for his sponsors and career financiers.

The funny thing is they don’t even care if racism is what they say it is. All that matters to them is to use it as a political wedge to divide and pursue ideological goals. Their worst offense is that they think they get to use the government’s power to force down their corrupt goals!

This country will never heal. Liberals think they have this innate intelligence simply because they are liberal. They are condescending and self-aggrandizing. Never mind that they couldn’t leverage their educations into salaries large enough to pay back their own student loans. To them, it’s America’s fault they are in debt. Any situation they find themselves in is someone else’s fault. And yet, they still stand up on their soapboxes, convinced of their superiority simply because they are liberal.

And Barack and Michelle are poster children for the elitist mentality that thinks they know what’s best for people with absolutely nothing in common.


Disdain for this country is exactly why no liberal can be a patriot. Have we ever noticed how they never miss a chance to point out flaws in America’s judicial systems, economic systems, ethnic groups, electoral process, the legislative process, healthcare, educational programs, etc.? “Why can’t we be more like …” And they can put in any country they pick off the map. It’s always the same: they think every other country is better than their own, and that’s the POLAR OPPOSITE of a “patriot.”

Enough with Obama. During his eight years, the poor and lower-middle-class hurt, taxes, gas, energy all took a large chunk of their budgets. Under Trump, energy costs fell, so did taxes. There were jobs and pay moved up for all groups; he was just getting started with urban projects to help those who needed it most. A growing economy is good for everyone, and it was starting, then COVID-19, not his fault, and the cure is almost here.



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December 2, 2020 5:05 am


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