WATCH: Concerned Americans Say MI Rep Sounds Like a Demented “Psychopath” in Disastrous New Video

Cynthia A Johnson Michigan

Michigan State Rep Cynthia Johnson is in hot water.


Thanks to an earlier video, where she appeared to “threaten” Trump supporters by calling on “soldiers” to make us “pay,” she got stripped of her committees and is now under investigation.

Here’s that disturbing video:

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The video went viral for all the wrong reasons, and Cynthia was left looking like a violent loon.

So, what did she do to combat that?

Offer a heartfelt apology and vow to never behave that way again?

No. Of course not.

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Instead, she made a new video, where she now looks and sounds like a crazed serial killer…

In this new video, Cynthia is obviously trying to define “soldiers” as peaceful prayer warriors for Christ…give me a break.

Yes, because Christ tells you to make people “pay.”

Dems think everyone is as gullible as their voters are.

But just watch her facial expressions and listen to her tone, she literally comes off like a disturbed mental patient.

This Twitter user put it best when he said: “This lady is a psychopath. She needs to be removed from office. She’s clearly unfit.”

This is not how normal, well-adjusted people behave, and this is certainly not how an elected official should behave.

Here are some of the comments about Cynthia:

“I was waiting on her head to start spinning during those hearings…..she couldn’t even control her body and made no sense at all!”

“This is her CLEARLY attempting to cover for her earlier “soldier” post.”

“The cops need to do a welfare check on her. If she sober and lucid, govt HR needs to get crackin on termination pronto and she needs to be placed on an FBI watchlist.”

“Someone needs to lay off the Prosecco and Vicodin cocktails before bed! “

“She comes across as a badly written movie villain”

“This is what demonic possession looks like”

Cynthia Johnson is clearly a little too “emotionally” involved in politics to be impartial or use common sense.


Her last two videos prove she’s a danger to others, and quite possibly a danger to herself.

She should be removed from her post immediately.

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December 10, 2020 12:32 pm

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