Opinion: Game On! An Estimated 140 House Republicans Will Challenge Counting Electoral Votes

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According to a tweet by CNN’s Jake Tapper, two unnamed House Republican members reportedly told him they expect 140 of their colleagues to vote against counting the electoral votes on Jan. 6, when Congress reconvenes in Washington DC.

Tapper tweeted the following: “2 House Republicans tell me they expect as of now that at least 140 Republican Members of the House will on Jan 6 object to and vote against the Electoral College results showing President-elect Biden won.”


It makes sense even if Tapper is reporting it. Every Republican representative needs to get behind this. Seventy-four (74) million Americans feel disenfranchised, and most believe the election was rigged.

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Our Republic has failed if Joe Biden is sworn into a Presidency he did not win. Unlike most, I don’t worry about Biden or feel that he is the bogeyman because the people he thinks to support him will be the ones that kick him out. Not that he doesn’t have it coming, but many are already regretting their voting for him. He lied to them, and it’s become more than obvious that he did, and they are not happy. But Kamala Harris, her I worry about. When and if she gets the helm, God help us.

One major piece of proof is that our side has probably triple digits of affidavits alleging improper behavior, multiple statistical anomalies that are as likely to happen by chance as simultaneously winning every state’s lottery with the same numbers, videos of fraud, audio of people discussing committing fraud, proof that voting machines have Internet connections they weren’t supposed to have, etc. That can’t be just dismissed like the wind.


We’re well past the point where anyone alleging there’s no evidence is simply ignorant, perhaps deliberately so. Is there ironclad proof? No. But that’s why there should have been investigations.

If you are a thinking American like I am, then you might have come to the same conclusion that I did. A majority of the people responsible for ensuring fair elections (the legislature) have themselves been beneficiaries of voter fraud in the past; they’re naturally going to be reluctant to question the outcome.

Recent history has exposed the facade that law governs. The US Constitution has not governed the Supreme Court in my lifetime, yet we pretended and observed it as the faithful arbiter. Something other is guiding the governance of this massive country, and it isn’t the Constitution, and we now know it isn’t elections.

Being no less than a giant of a man, our President brokered as an honest advocate for the common people and, in the process, disrobed the illusion for those caring to inspect. By imperfect means, albeit, nonetheless, a truly evil, corrupt spirit has been exposed in our institution. This spirit is prominently now at the fore. This is beyond parties and personalities.


It is a dutiful necessity to confront the untruth of this election, to honor every life surrendered in service under our flag, and every life taken by force in the course of human history. Let us no longer labor to abide in a deception overdue redress. It is time to set aside comfort and shallow allegiance.

Let’s say Biden gets in. How do you think this will play out in a Biden administration that wants to do a national lockdown mandate? How about when their livelihoods and religion are taken away? How about when they have no recourse through the judicial system or court of public opinion? The American people are being cornered with fewer and fewer options and little faith in the system.

If Republicans have ANY sense of self-preservation, they need to make sure their constituents are heard by stand up here.


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January 1, 2021 7:46 pm


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