Corrupt Georgia Election Official Gabe Sterling Blames President Trump For Republican Senate Losses, Says Ossoff will Win by a Wide Margin (VIDEO)

Georgia’s ‘voting system implementation manager’ Gabe Sterling Wednesday morning trashed President Trump and blamed him for the Republican Senate losses.

Sterling is not employed by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. He is an independent contractor doing the dirty work for Dominion voting systems.

Gabe Sterling praised the Democrat party for their “hard work” in turning out 100,000 more voters for the runoff election than they did in November.

“While Republicans were busy attacking the governor and my boss, the Democrats were out there knocking on doors and getting people to turn out to vote,” Sterling said trashing Trump.

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Warnock was declared the winner early Wednesday morning and Sterling said Ossoff will likely beat Perdue by a wide enough margin to avoid an automatic recount.

How convenient.


The same election fraud we identified in November took place in the Georgia Senate runoff.

There were several reports of Dominion machines breaking down in heavily Republican precincts where the voters were told the elections officials will scan their ballots later.

Poll observers in Fulton County on Tuesday were being blocked by barriers.

Single individuals were scanning and adjudicating ballots without Republican observers at the World Congress Center.

Votes were being removed from Republican candidates live on air.

Several Democrat precincts just stopped counting last night as the Republican candidates pulled ahead.

Scandal-plagued DeKalb County had to rescan advance ballots in Georgia’s senate race because of a “memory card issue.”

January 6, 2021 5:51 pm

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