Rush Limbaugh just made a revelation that will have conservatives everywhere on notice.

The radio host warned his viewers of the stark connection between the 2020 election and the recent crackdown from big tech on conservative free speech.


Rush points out that if our freedoms can be snuffed out so quickly and without hesitation, then why not also our votes?

Listen to his full statement here:

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This message has definitely resonated with conservatives and many are speaking out their concerns on what else could be stripped from them:

The answer is yes. They lied to the point of riot and faced consequences. They should see the parallels.

Everything all our veterans fought for the left is trying to destroy. Democracy, Law and Order, freedom of speech, The Constitution and the United States History.

True, millions of Trumps votes just disappeared, and the rigged voting machines flipped millions Trumps votes to Biden.

It’s also fair to think what is happening to conservatives on social media is what Hitler did to anyone that didn’t agree with him



There are many on the left who don’t view any of this as a injustice.

To them the election was completely fair and free of any discrepancies, and what big tech has done to conservatives is justified.

How many more voices have to be silenced before they understand what’s really at play here?

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January 12, 2021 12:40 pm

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