Dershowitz Says What Pelosi Just Did to Trump is Actually Illegal

Famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz has been slicing and dicing this second impeachment against Trump masterfully.

He’s highlighted in many ways just how outlandish the entire argument is against the president, as well as how the timing of this makes it completely unconstitutional.


But Dershowitz has taken it a step further and declared that Pelosi’s desire to continue impeachment past Trump’s last days in office is actually illegal.

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Not only is this entire preceding being labeled as “illegal,” but some are predicting that this will create an even further divide in our country.

Here’s a good read on the matter:

From New York Post

But the most compelling reason of all not to have impeached Trump a second time, or now seek to convict, is the damage such a symbolic stunt would do to the body politic. Whether bipartisan elites wish to admit it or not, the reality is that more than 74 million Americans voted for Trump’s re-election. These are overwhelmingly good, decent, patriotic Americans who (rightly) feel that the country’s ruling class is woefully out of touch with them and their problems.

They feel besieged by every institution, especially after Big Tech’s monopolistic post-siege crackdown. Trump voters already think that Democrats and their corporate allies seek to delegitimize them out of public life. Add the (second) impeachment and Senate conviction of a president whom millions of Americans continue to support, and the social divide may just become unbridgeable.

There was no reason to take this tinderbox and light the whole thing aflame — which is precisely how most Trump voters would interpret their man being impeached a second time, this time as his presidency is winding down.

If elites want to take us ever closer to the brink of a ruinous internecine conflict, they can insist on their present course. If not, they should back off — in the name of the common weal and of that “more perfect Union.”


What the Democrats fail to see is that our nation is falling apart at the seams, but sadly take no responsibility for it and instead place all the blame on Trump.


What are they going to do when he’s no longer their scapegoat?

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January 14, 2021 3:34 am

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