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On Wednesday morning Rabbi Aryeh Spero joined The Bannon War Room to discuss the acts of vengeance and humiliation evident today in our political climate. Spero’s appearance was just hours before Democrats and ten Republicans impeached President Trump for the second time in the US House of Representatives based, once again, on false accusations.

Rabbi Spero prayed for our country and our leaders who are intent on acts of vengeance on our president. This comes as Democrats are intent on making President Trump a non-person with their purge and denunciations.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero: They not only want to cancel Trump. They don’t want us to come back. It’s almost like the reign of terror during the French Revolution. It’s a destruction. We have this because people have precisely canceled out our Judeo-Christian ethos… We are living through a moment of comprehensive brainwashing and the erasure of our history… They’re trying to make us forget what we believe… Don’t let them take your memory. At this moment there are people who want to strip this country. They talk about democracy. They don’t believe in democracy… Don’t let yourself be fooled. Know what you believe. The second thing you cannot do, you cannot give up!.

Rabbi then added this on this moment in history: What they are trying to do is to cancel out truth. This is more than a battle of ideas which is what should normally be. This is a battle to destroy the concept of an idea that you cannot have ideas.

TRENDING: House Impeaches President Trump with 232-197 Vote – 10 Republicans Join Democrats and Vote in Favor of Impeachment

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January 14, 2021 2:10 pm


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