[LISTEN] Leo Terrell Just Announced His New “Position” in MAGA…And You Will Love It

There are many conservatives who are disgusted by the GOP’s actions in recent weeks.

Not only did they abandon Trump after the 2020 election, but ten GOP House Rep’s actually had the audacity to vote to impeach him.


But Leo Terrell is making a grand stand against these traitors and is putting a major spotlight on McConnell himself.

Check it out:

Do You Stand With Pres. Trump Against Democrat Impeachment Efforts

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You go Leo!

We need more people like him to take on these GOP turncoats.

There were many conservatives on Twitter who were rooting Leo on and calling for a complete overhaul of the Republican Party.

Same!!! I’m ready to move to a better party. A party of strong principled people like Trump.

I like people who dont back down .

I’m with you Leo 2.0. I love your topics, I listen to you every chance I get!

Absolutely 💯! I love this Leo standing on Principals. Someone who stands for whats right

Right behind you.

And I love you, Sir. Count me in! This is the greatest betrayal in the history of our nation. Me, like you were a democrat once. We need a third party!


We 100% need some kind of overhaul of the GOP.


Otherwise, no one will ever vote for them again.

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January 17, 2021 3:42 pm


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