[VIDEO] Another Bizarre Turn of Events Casts Further Doubt on “Capitol Riot” Narrative

I was told by the media that the so-called “Capitol Siege” was a giant/angry “MAGA movement.”


If that’s the case, why are there so many Dems being arrested as well?

The more we look at this so-called “siege,” the more bipartisan it’s looking, right?

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Why else would Dems have shown up?

One of two reasons: either they also hate Biden and believe he was installed not elected, or they are trying to make MAGA look bad.

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You’ve likely heard of BLM protester John Sullivan, right? He’s the guy who was arrested over the Capitol riots. His brother turned him in to authorities for “inciting violence and sparking militia movement.

Sullivan was arrested after a video revealed he shouted “it’s our house” and “we got to get this s**t burned.”

Here is John at a BLM protest:

Why would a BLM activist wear a pro-Trump hat and go to the Capitol and say stuff like that?

I think we all know why…

But whatever the reason for all these Dems, it certainly casts a massive shadow of doubt over the media and Dems “spin.”

Especially when we have yet another Dem arrested – this time a man from the liberal utopia of Brooklyn.

His name is Aaron Mostofsky. His father is a New York Supreme Court judge and both father and son are registered as Democrats.

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You can watch the video below:

This poor man sounds mentally unstable.


I don’t if he’s acting – it’s hard to tell, there are so many lies and mistruths floating around.


But if he isn’t putting on an act, he should be getting mental help – it’s a shame if he’s being used and abused as a political pawn.


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January 17, 2021 4:27 pm


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