[VIDEO] Ted Lieu Just Let A Very Deep Secret Slip During Impeachment Hearing

During Steve Bannon’s “War Room,” the team dissected something very curious that happened during the impeachment trial.


They say this moment was the most important in the entire impeachment, and it came from Ted Lieu.

We know that a lot of Americans believe that their voice and their vote were stolen.

Instead of everyone coming together to thoroughly investigate the 2020 election when we had the chance, many believe that everything was just swept under the rug.

We needed a team of bipartisan people to look into these seemingly unconstitutional “rule changes” that were made on the state level, and the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots – something we’ve never dealt with before. The hundreds of people who signed under oath that they witnessed wrongdoing, were never taken seriously. All of this was brushed aside and the people who had legit questions and concerns were stonewalled and dismissed.

The media can spin that however they want, but that’s the truth.

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The 2020 election was not an “open and transparent” process by any stretch of the imagination.

But the left doesn’t want anyone to say the election was “stolen.” If they could make that phrase illegal, I think they would.

When the Dems and GOP establishment had the chance to prove to the American people, through nation-wide transparent audits and legitimate court hearings where all evidence was laid on the table, they didn’t take it. As a matter of fact, they fought that tooth and nail – which only made people more suspicious.

They  TOLD us that it was not “stolen,” and then said there was no “evidence” of massive vote fraud and called anyone who suggested there was a “racist,” or an “insurrectionist.”

Well, many people – millions of them – believe there was a lot of solid potential evidence – hundreds of witnesses who said they saw fraud happening first-hand and sketchy and questionable ballots – but there was never any in-depth investigation – s0, that’s why Dems and media can say there’s no “evidence” of voter fraud.


But that doesn’t change how many Americans feel…nothing will change how they feel.

However, the Dems can’t allow it to go down that way. They need everyone on board – they can’t have a cloud of suspicion hanging over Joe’s feeble head…and that’s why they’ve gone after President Trump the way that they have – and that’s where Ted comes in…during his speech on the Senate floor Mr. Lieu gave the game away and said the quiet part out loud.

You can watch the videos below:


If only President Trump had said those words…”The election was not stolen” — if he said that, then everything would have been okay.

He could have kept his Twitter, Parler could have stayed online, everyone could have been happy…if only he had said those words.

But, because he didn’t, now, he must pay.


President Trump didn’t submit, so now, he will be punished and so will all of his supporters.

That’s what Ted Lieu said in his speech – that’s what this all boils down to…a simple phrase that one man will never utter.

The left thinks they hold the cards – but in reality, they don’t. They’ve tipped their hand and shown that it’s actually President Trump who wields all the power with what he does ad doesn’t say out loud.





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February 12, 2021 3:51 pm


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