If you think Meghan Markle is a poor innocent victim, you’ve probably been smoking crack with Hunter Biden.


Meghan is not this sweet-as-pie, naive girl who accidentally stumbled into the Royal family with bewildered puppy-dog-eyes like she’d have you believe.

Instead, she’s a controlling, manipulative, and very opportunistic woman, who runs the show.

Don’t believe me?

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Well, how many sweet and loving women do you know, who would literally ban their husbands from drinking tea?

Do you think Meghan Markle is using Harry to boost her acting career?

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….their BRITISH husbands, to boot…Tea is like “water” over there.

That’s exactly what Meghan did – she reportedly “banned” Harry from drinking tea, coffee, and he gave up booze to show “solidarity” with her while she’s pregnant.

I’m certain that was her idea as well.

This guy needs to grow a spine.

Now, he’s drinking mineral water in place of tea, coffee, and alcohol.


Gee, does he get a crumb of bread to go with it, or is that banned too?

Daily Mail reported on this back in 2019, but since Meghan is once again pregnant, I guess the booze-ban is back on?

The report stated that a royal insider at the time said Meghan banned Prince Harry from drinking tea and coffee in an effort to make him live a more “healthy” lifestyle.

Here are some of the comments on the Great Tea Ban of 2019:

“He doesn’t seem happy”

“Alcohol he should have been banned from / he seem to have some issues over the years with it. But taking his caffeine! That’s too far”

“How do you make an englishman stop drinking tea? It’s like stopping a german from drinking beer or stopping a italian from getting offended by people not following their recipes”

“LMFAO what the hell happened. How did he let this happen. Like seriously you had it all and you simped it all away to someone that tells you what to do.”

“… why do women think it’s okay to tell their man what they can and cannot do? If the roles were flipped this would be deemed unacceptable.”

“Look at his eyes, they the eyes of a dead man. She’s taken everything from him, now he just a walking corpse”

“Never thought he’d be such a non man. No self respecting woman wants a doormat. Ugh. I’ll never see him the same. For crying out loud Harry, drink what you want! You’re a man. Remember that”

“He needs to get his balls back outta her purse…lol”

“How tf you tell a British man he can’t drink tea?!”

“she turned him into a princess.”

“Pathetic. If a woman told me what I could and couldn’t drink I’d leave skid marks”

Look, it’s great when people decide to get healthy – and Harry was known for being quite the wild party boy, however, nobody should be “banned” from anything, especially things like tea, for crying out loud.

As an adult, you should be able to make your own decisions, and while being “influenced” to do good is one thing, being “banned” into it is another.

It’s things like this “tea ban” that we look at now, and think “oh, yes, now it’s all making sense…”


What may have seemed like a loving “healthy” gesture a couple of years ago, now looks like a controlling, and manipulative move given everything else we know now – like how Meghan has helped Harry BURN down his relationship with his family, just like she did with her own.

I saw this meme online, and I thought it kinda fit into this story, so I’ll share it with you – it’s good for a chuckle.

It’s funny and sad. Prince Harry seems like he still has so many ‘mother issues’ which is understandable – and it’s also likely why Megan has so much power and control over him.


Poor Harry – drink a cup of tea tonight in his honor. 😉



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March 10, 2021 11:23 pm


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