Democrat Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones is the messy gift that just keeps on giving.


First, he was arrested while having drunken sex on the side of the road with a handgun in his car – and when he was pulled over he resisted arrested and told the officers that he was calling “Governor Whitmer.”

Now, if that wasn’t bad enough – it actually gets worse.

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Later, when he was at the police station, Mr. Jones wasn’t done digging his own hole, so he got out his shovel and proceeded to make everything even messier.

During the filmed “chat” you can hear a belligerent and sassy Mr. Jones refer to Grethen Whitmer as “Big Gretch,” and call her a “homie.”

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The “Big Gretch” is obviously a dig at her weight – and being from Michigan myself, I can tell you that it’s a derogatory term that many people who don’t like Gretchen use to describe her “stout” frame.

“Big Gretch” is commonly flung around in Republican circles.

Gee, I guess the nickname really stuck, righ?

You can watch the video below:

Imagine if this guy was a Republican – this would be the lead story on every cable news show.

But since it’s a Dem, the fake news media will just sweep it under the rug.


Do you think Mr. Jones will lose his job?

If he hadn’t called Whitmer “Big Gretch” I’d say no, he wouldn’t – but saying that is the kiss of death.

Bye, bye, Jewell.

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April 30, 2021 11:57 pm

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