Creepy, icky Joe Biden is at it again.


This guy has almost zero brainpower, yet, even still, he hasn’t forgotten how to be a complete and total creep.

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During a press event surrounding the new infrastructure bill, Joe Biden once again started whispering in that really disturbing “Horror movie” voice of his.

He slowly leaned down into the mic and started whispering, literally creeping out the entire country.


You can watch the video below:

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This guy put it perfectly: “America voted for this guy? Its like his soul is trying to escape.”

Here are some other comments on the “whisper from hell”:

“Oh, don’t worry, he’s been in politics forever, so his soul is long gone.”

“Not as many Americans voted for this loser as they want you to believe.”


“he sounds possessed by the devil.” 

“Is this how speaks to kids before he sniffs them?” 

“Creepy as hell.”

“Has he started building the Death Star yet?”

“It’s how he talks to little girls.”

“very few voted for this creepy guy.”

“Nope. Majority of American’s are wise and fair minded people and certainly they did not vote for this demented person.”

“Joe Biden did not get 80 million votes”

“The medias would have jumped on Trump and discussed his mental state for similar antics, but when Biden does it, it’s the new normal.”

That last comment is correct – imagine if President Trump had whispered like a psychotic horror movie clown into a microphone? Not once, but on several occasions.

Do you think the media would have something to say about that type of weird behavipr?

You know they would.


It’d be on a 24/7 cable media loop with shrinks sitting on panels from here to Timbuktu.

But today, all of this weird junk Biden does is just “perfectly normal” and we’re supposed to believe this is how “leaders” behave.

Nobody buys this nonsense.

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June 24, 2021 10:52 pm

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