What’s going on over at ABC?


They’re constantly doing hit pieces on Biden or covering the issues that the Biden admin doesn’t want to be amplified.

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ABC has done this several times on the border, and now they’re highlighting the soaring crime rate in the country and even focused on the Dem-run city of Oakland that just defunded their police department.

The reason why this matters and it’s a direct reflection on Biden is because of the Dems “Defund the Police” mantra – and of course the lawlessness of their sidekicks over at BLM and Antifa. Remember the deadly “Summer of Love” that Dems cheered on, and how Kamala and Team Joe even bailed out the bad guys?

That was cute. 

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The Dems have branded themselves the party of chaos and anarchy, so the soaring crime, which is happening predominantly in Dem-un cities, is a huge political issue for them, and instead of ignoring it, ABC is calling it out.


How is this stuff getting past the censors over at ABC?

You can watch the video below:

I have a theory on this – perhaps some high-up at ABC is “Team Kamala,” and not “Team Biden.”

Because we know there’s no love lost between both of these political teams.  Some insiders even say that it’s all-out “war” between Kamala and Joe.


Maybe ABC is pro-Kamala and they’re highlighting the crime and border to cast Biden in a cruddy light.

If it’s not that, I have no clue what it is, because we know the mainstream media lives to prop up the Dems, no matter what.

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June 30, 2021 11:51 pm

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