[VIDEO] Look: This is The Amazing Scene 12-Hours Before Trump Takes The Stage in AZ

The guy who supposedly lost the 2020 election, is the only politician who can draw amazingly huge crowds.


How can that be, right? Makes no “logical” sense…

But we all know how this can be – everyone does, even if they won’t admit it.


Just to give you an example of how ridiculous this whole thing is – On Friday, Biden was awakened by his Handlers, dressed, and trotted out on the campaign trail to stump for his corrupt pal Terry McAuliffe.

The two stale and unpopular establishment Dems were only able to draw an embarrassing 500 or so supporters, and while Joe was there trying to speak, he was viciously heckled.


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Pretty odd situation for the most “popular politician in the history of the nation,” right?

But you’re expected to just ignore that and pretend it’s all normal…just like Joe’s very painfully obvious “dementia-like” symptoms. Apparently, that’s just a childhood stutter.

Perfectly normal stuff, you bigots. 

That’s why when scenes – like the one unfolding in Arizona right now – pop up, you know Joe’s Handlers have got to be sweating bullets…because it casts a huge shadow of doubt over everything they claim is “normal.”

For example:

Today, Trump takes the stage in Arizona for another barn-burner rally – and this was the scene a whopping 12-hours before Trump even takes the stage.

People are already lined up.

12-hours before…

The only other time you see this type of excitement and energy and people “camping out,” is for a rock concert


There’s a very obvious reason why President Trump elicits this type of excitement and Joe doesn’t.


There’s also a very obvious reason why you can physically “see” and “feel” President Trump’s support, and you can’t see or feel Joe’s.

It’s all very obvious to everyone, no matter how much the Dems and media try and spin this mess to be “normal.”

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July 24, 2021 2:51 pm

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