This afternoon, you are invited to join the Anglosphere Society, Knights of Columbus, the Hudson Institute, and National Review Institute in discussing religious liberty and free speech in China and those within its grip. I’m honored to be interviewing Gulchehra Hoja, who is a journalist with Radio Free Asia, and is an incredible witness to what is happening to the Uyghur Muslims (of which she is one) and other religious minorities in China. I’ll also be talking with Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China, and Jillian Kay Melchoir from the Wall Street Journal (and National Review alumna). The afternoon’s conference is really the work of Amanda Bowman, whose heart for religious liberty and the persecuted, has made this an annual event.

Act in Time II: Beijing’s Long Arm: China’s Threat to Religious Freedom and Options for the West. Amanda will be interviewing Robert Destro, human-rights lawyer. Sam Brownback, former U.S. ambassador at large for international religious freedom, and Cardinal Dolan will be in conversation this evening. And many more including Lord David Alton via video. One of my segments will be on Hong Kong, and while dire, it’s not lost yet, as our panel will discuss. We are the ones living through this time and have a responsibility to our fellow human beings living in the reach of China’s long arm. Listen in this afternoon here.


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October 18, 2021 4:21 pm


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