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Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens went on The War Room on Thursday to discuss the redistricting plans in Missouri.

Once again the RINOs in Missouri are working to give Democrats a victory this year.  Missouri conservatives continue to vote in Republicans who then act like Democrats once they get into office.  It is a disgrace and an embarrassment.

Today Eric Greitens argued the state layout should be 7 Republican districts to 1 Democrat district.  The state continues to move further and further to the right.  But for some reason, the RINOs always tend to morph into Democrats after elections are over.

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Eric Greitens: The problem in America is not just the left’s craziness, it’s also RINO corruption and cowardice. And this is what is happening in Missouri. You’ve got a group of lobbyist-led RINOs who are betraying the very people who have put them into office. Unfortunately, Steve, they are not just stabbing Missouri patriots in the back, they’re stabbing every America-First patriot in the back. This is what they’ve done. Missouri is a Trump +20 state. We’re an America First state. We’re a Republican state. We have 8 congressional seats. The map should be 7 to 1. But instead, they’ve drawn a map that is going to be 5 to 3 or maybe 6 to 2! They’ve given up at least one and maybe two congressional seats! They’ve drawn a map to support Nancy Pelosi and AOC, when they’ve should have drawn a map to support President Trump. The fact is we can beat them on this.

Democrats every year get several extra congressional seats due to illegal immigration. But the RINOs always want to play nice and Americans get screwed in the process.


Eric Greitens is right — And he has the guts to say it!
That’s why he’s ahead in the Missouri Senate race today.

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January 21, 2022 2:21 am

By admin

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