That’s how Max Borders titles his latest essay for AIER. In it, he ruminates on the raging battle between the crowd that insists on social control to “stop the spread of Covid” (and so much else) and the crowd that is fed up with the relentless nanny statism that is ruining their lives.

I particularly like his “underthrow” concept: “Elsewhere, I have described a process of undermining authority by unleashing uncontainable social forces: ‘underthrow.’ Irish Democracy is proving to be a vector of underthrow against vaccine authoritarianism. As each wave of withdrawal and truculence crashes against authoritarian policies and then recedes, those policies unravel, as President Biden has discovered. The vaccine mandates lay in state at the White House, even before the Supreme Court struck the coffin’s final nail.”

Read the whole thing.

I’m starting to think that the “progressives” may be looking at their Covid mania the way the German generals looked at their decision to take Stalingrad in 1942. “We’ve gone too far and now we’re in for it.”


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February 1, 2022 6:40 pm


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