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Hillsdale College Launches ‘1776 Curriculum,’ Promoting ‘Honest History’ in K-12 Classrooms

Students recite the Pledge of Allegiance before school at Freedom Preparatory Academy on February 10, 2021 in Provo, Utah. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

Parents Concerned About Critical Race Theory in Schools, Poll Says

Pupils during a lesson in a classroom in a file photo. (Martin Rickett/PA)

1619 Project’s Nikole Hannah-Jones Said Cuba Among ‘Most Equal’ Countries Because of Socialism

Nikole Hannah-Jones, the leading author of The New York Times’ controversial 1619 Project, has came under fire after comments she made in 2019 about socialism making Cuba one of “the most equal” nations in the world was unearthed. According to

Frederick Douglass Versus the 1619 Project

American orator, abolitionist, writer, and escaped slave, Frederick Douglass (1817–1895), circa 1880. (MPI/Getty Images)

Education Secretary Dodges Questions on CRT, Refuses to Say How Many Genders There Are

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona testifies before the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Subcommittee on June 16, 2021. (Jim Watson/AFP via Getty…

Trump on Critical Race Theory in Schools: ‘A Program for National Suicide’

President Donald Trump speaks to media before departing on Marine One en route to Ohio and Texas, from the White House South Lawn in Washington…

GOP Lawmakers Unveil Bill to Defund 1619 Project in Public Schools

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) at the Conservative Partnership Institute in Washington on July 27, 2020. (Brendon Fallon/The Epoch Times)

Inez Stepman: How Cancel Culture Conditions Society to Accept the Absurd

History is being rewritten in schools across the country in line with the ideas of critical race theory. The Department of Education has proposed a rule to prioritize funding for education programs that incorporate the ideas of the New York

Trump-Era 1776 Commission Opposes Funding for ‘Teaching of Racial Discrimination’ In Schools

Former President Donald Trump holds an executive order he signed at the White House in Washington on June 26, 2020 to establish a 20-person Advisory…

DeSantis on Critical Race Theory: ‘Offensive’ to Expect Taxpayers to Pay to Teach Kids to ‘Hate Their Country’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in Juno Beach, Fla., on May 7, 2021. (Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)