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CPAC: Trump Dunks On Biden's Befuddled Brain

CPAC: Trump Dunks On Biden's Befuddled Brain By Scott Hounsell | Feb 28, 2021 5:45 PM ET Share Tweet Share Tweet AP Photo/John Raoux Since Biden took office, he has continued to lie about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout that has

Situation Rapidly Deteriorating Because of Biden Moves, As Iran-Backed Houthis Fire Missiles At Saudi Arabia

How’s that foreign policy working out now with Joe Biden? President Donald Trump brought a greater peace to the Middle East. Biden has brought on a deteriorating situation that’s about to explode into greater war. Folks on the left are

Joe Biden Speaks in Houston, What Follows Should Make You Question Everything

Earlier today, I wrote on Joe and Jill Biden doing yet another joint interview in which the latter basically asserted herself as the president’s puppet master. Yet, that’s far from the only disturbing episode that Joe Biden has had lately.

AOC's Dreams Are Crushed, and the Ritual Gnashing of Teeth Ensues

Yesterday, news broke that the Senate parliamentarian ruled that a minimum wage increase could not be passed via reconciliation (a process that only requires a simple majority). That was, of course, the proper decision, as there’s absolutely no justification to

Welcome to Bizarro Spin-Land: Listen as MSNBC Show Suggests Biden Tougher on Iran Than Trump

Joe Biden has been getting some backlash for bombing Syria in retaliation for alleged Iranian militia attacks on American forces in Iraq. A lot of the anger is coming from those on the far left, who think that’s not for

Jill and Joe Biden Do Yet Another Joint Interview, and It's Really Awkward

Perhaps we’ve had it all wrong about who is really acting as president while Joe Biden goes to bed at sundown. Most have figured that the shadow-presidency we are currently witnessing would be run by Kamala Harris. After all, she’s

Biden's Day-Late-Dollar-Short Airstrike In Syria Has Probably Made Things Much Worse Than Doing Nothing

A couple of days ago, I posted on the failure of the Biden bunch to take any action to protect American lives and property in Iraq. Since February 15, US facilities have been targeted for rocket attacks by Iranian-backed militias

China Mocks Biden Over Syria Bombing: 'America Is Back', Credits Trump While Doing It

If Joe Biden’s first military action is an indication of things to come, GI-Joe is in for a rough ride. On Thursday, 36 days after taking up residency in the White House, Biden unilaterally bombed targets in Syria in what

Biden Secretary of State Makes a Whopper of a Mistake During Meeting With Mexican Official

Democrats have pushed the fiction of the “adults being back in charge” with Joe Biden. If “adult” means not able to give coherent answers and get basically every policy wrong, then maybe I have a different opinion of “adult” then

Sen. Tom Cotton Savages Biden’s ‘Recruit and Release’ Immigration Policy During CPAC Speech

Sen. Tom Cotton Savages Biden’s ‘Recruit and Release’ Immigration Policy During CPAC Speech By Jeff Charles | Feb 26, 2021 2:45 PM ET Share Tweet Share Tweet Undocumented students join a rally in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood