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If You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse For Ellen, Now She’s Being Accused of Verbally Abusing an 11-Year-Old

Ellen Degeneres

Things just got even worse for daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, as a Louisiana man has come forward to accuse her of viciously bullying him when he was an 11-year-old child. Ben Gravolet, now 52, came forward this week

Rolling Stones Drop Unreleased 1974 Track Featuring Jimmy Page

Fake celebrities

“Glee” Actress Presumed Drowned After 4-Year-Old Son is Found Alone in Boat She Rented For “Mother/Son” Day on the Lake


Hollywood star Naya Rivera, who is best known for starring on the hit show “Glee,” is missing and presumed dead after her 4-year-old son was found in a boat alive and alone in a California lake. Daily Mail reported that

Alyssa Milano Says “Racist” Redskins Name “Can’t be Tolerated Any Longer”…After She Profited From Selling Redskins Gear


From Breirbart Oddly enough, a few years ago, Milano lent her name to “Touch by Alyssa Milano,” a collection of sportswear items including photos of the actress wearing several different Washington Redskins shirts. In fact, in February, the Pacific Standard published an article

“Ellen DeGeneres Show” Ratings Just Collapsed, Now Rumors That Her Show Will Be Canceled Are Swirling

Fake News Media CNN NBC

Rumors have been swirling over the past few weeks that “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” has been canceled. Now, the producers of the daytime talk show have broken their silence to reveal whether or not there is any truth to this.

Stuntman Colin Kaepernick Just Made the Minneapolis Riots a Helluva Lot Worse

The left is so disingenuous and hypocritical. Last month peaceful Michigan protesters were called “domestic terrorists” and today the people burning down an entire American city are called “protesters.” According to our shithouse communist media, the group pictured on the

“F*CK TRUMP” – Kathy Griffin Tells Jim Acosta How to Kill President Trump

Kathy Griffin Washed up comedienne Kathy Griffin on Tuesday evening told CNN’s Jim Acosta to stab President Trump with a syringe full of air. Air embolisms, or air bubbles in the bloodstream, can cause potentially fatal strokes. CNN’s Jim Acosta

Matthew McConaughey Has Been Quietly Driving Through Rural Texas in a Pickup Truck Helping People in Need

Matthew McConaughey and Wife deliver Masks to Rural Hospitals in Texas

I often say that we have the worst celebrity class – and we do. The majority of these so-called “celebs” are entitled, privileged, smug, insecure narcissists. However, there’s always an exception to every rule and in this case that exception


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