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“Massive Scandal” – EU pays Muslim Brotherhood €36,5 Million to “Subjugate Europe”

The European Union paid €36.5 million to groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and whose agenda involves the Islamization of Europe, the right-wing I&D Faction in the European Parliament revealed. “Apparently, the EU has been funding front organizations with

Jackboots at Dawn: German Gestapo Comes after “Right-Wing“ Journalists

  Gateway Pundit has written about the increasing political persecution of conservative politicians and journalists in Europe. Now, German police have raided the home of an innocent “right-wing” blogger, while state media rely on violent Antifa supporters as “experts” on

Matteo Salvini sends 4th of July Greetings to President Trump: “All Lives Matter, Black and White!”

Speaking in Rome on the 4th of July at his first rally since the Corona lockdown in Italy, Lega party head Matteo Salvini sent special greetings to President Trump and the people of the United States.  by Collin McMahon Advertisement

German Chancellor Angela Merkel finances Antifa Supporter with 1 Million for Left-Wing Propaganda

Guest post by Collin McMahon Advertisement – story continues below Ever since Donald Trump announced he would designate “Antifa” as a terrorist organization, calls have emerged to pursue the violent far-left mobs and their shadowy backers internationally. Official budget number

MUST READ — “Antifa”: International Brownshirts and Soldiers of the European and American Left

Donald Trump’s announcement he would be “designating Antifa as a Terrorist Organization” on May 31 focused scrutiny on the network of violent far-left groups espousing “antifascism”, which often enjoy NGO, media and taxpayer support in Europe. Advertisement – story continues


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