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HUGE! Criminal Trial in Sicily: How George Soros is Attempting to Lock up Populist Leader Matteo Salvini for Protecting Italy’s Borders

Last Saturday, Oct. 3, former Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini went on trial in Catania, Siclily, for alleged “kidnapping“ even though the prosecutor calls the case “baseless.“ Gateway Pundit reveals how leftist NGOs backed by George Soros and

We Are Not Alone! World Leaders Endorse President and Peacemaker Donald Trump

Guest post by Collin McMahon A host of world leaders including Viktor Orban, Nigel Farage, Matteo Salvini, Scott Morrison, Narendra Modi, Jair Bolsonaro, and Rodrigo Duterte have come out to forcefully endorse the candidacy of Donald J. Trump, while the

Vatican Coup? George Soros Funds Jesuit NGOs with $1.7 Million

Guest post by Collin McMahon Three Jesuit charities close to Pope Francis have received more than $ 1.7 million in recent years from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, reveals veteran Vatican journalist Marco Tosatti. Advertisement – story continues below The

Tommy Robinson Appeals to President Donald Trump: “Free Julian Assange!“

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Thousands Join Massive London Rally against Covid Tyranny

Guest post by Niall McCrae The authorities weren’t expecting this. Over twenty thousand thronged Trafalgar Square in London to protest against the New Normal of curtailed civil liberties. Unable to control a contagious coronavirus, the government is controlling the people

German COVID Civil Rights Protestors Appeal to Donald Trump: “Help Us!”

Summary Recent Posts Contact Joe Hoft is the twin brother of TGP’s founder, Jim Hoft. His posts have been retweeted by President Trump and have made the headlines at the Drudge Report. Joe worked as a corporate executive in Hong

“Biggest Scandal in Europe since WW II” – Ibizagate: How Soros Journalists Brought Down the Austrian Government

by Collin McMahon in Europe for The Gateway Pundit A year ago, a leaked video seeming to show the head of the right-wing Austrian Freedom Party Heinz Christian Strache conspiring with Russians to take over the top local tabloid brought

“Massive Scandal” – EU pays Muslim Brotherhood €36,5 Million to “Subjugate Europe”

The European Union paid €36.5 million to groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and whose agenda involves the Islamization of Europe, the right-wing I&D Faction in the European Parliament revealed. “Apparently, the EU has been funding front organizations with

Jackboots at Dawn: German Gestapo Comes after “Right-Wing“ Journalists

  Gateway Pundit has written about the increasing political persecution of conservative politicians and journalists in Europe. Now, German police have raided the home of an innocent “right-wing” blogger, while state media rely on violent Antifa supporters as “experts” on

Matteo Salvini sends 4th of July Greetings to President Trump: “All Lives Matter, Black and White!”

Speaking in Rome on the 4th of July at his first rally since the Corona lockdown in Italy, Lega party head Matteo Salvini sent special greetings to President Trump and the people of the United States.  by Collin McMahon Advertisement


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