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Glenn Youngkin and the Fast Fade of the Virginia Old Guard

Virginia politics, especially conservative Virginia politics, used to be a waiting game. Though, of course, folks occasionally jumped the line, the Commonwealth was once run by the iron rule of the Byrd machine. Only a half-century ago, “the Organization” as

Here Comes the ’70s

It is somehow absurdly fitting that Joe Biden, who entered the United States Senate in 1973 at the age of 30 as an opponent of racial busing, is presiding over a return to the 1970s. The Seventies are one of

Arabella Advisors: Democrats’ Darkest Dark Money

While most Americans were hooked on the 2020 electoral battle between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Washington’s biggest “dark money” network was quietly funneling tens of millions of dollars into races meant to flip the Republican-held Senate and advance the

Biden’s Immigration Policies Prove His ‘Jobs Program’ Is a Con

On March 31, 2021 the White House issued a news release regarding Biden’s “American Jobs Plan” that laid out ambitions for far more than creating good jobs. Before we even consider, though, how the Biden administration would supposedly create good-paying jobs for Americans,

It’s Afghanistan, Stupid

This week, House Republicans are set to remove Representative Liz Cheney from their leadership, in a move that has already launched a thousand op-eds. Defenders of Cheney, including Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders, have huge incentive to make her ouster

The Black Deaths Nobody Wants to Discuss

Black men are systemically shot and killed in New York City and no one seems to care because the triggers aren’t pulled by cops. If you say discussing this is a distraction from racism, you do it from atop a

Biden Plans Expansion of Feds’ Army of Snitches in ‘Dollars for Collars’ Program

The Biden administration may soon recruit an army of private snoops to conduct surveillance that would be illegal if done by federal agents. As part of its war on extremism, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may exploit a “legal

Decline of the West, Live on BBC

The interview is a dead medium, mostly because nobody alive today—whether interviewer or interviewee—is interesting enough to hold most people’s attention. Occasionally, a public figure comes along with enough of a personality and intellect to almost merit watching (think Boris

Leftists in Pennsylvania Outspent Conservatives 3 to 1 in 2020

It’s time for the myth that conservatives outspend liberal elections groups to go the way of the dodo. New research examining the 2020 election in Pennsylvania reveals that left-wing political action committees (PACs) blew away conservative PACs in independent expenditures—outside spending

Shed No Tears for Liz Cheney

The mainstream press has a perpetual revision process in place for Republicans. It works like this: GOP presidents are inevitably denounced in their time as bloodthirsty extremists, simultaneously lacking in IQ and in possession of off-the-charts authoritarian cunning. Then, 10