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This Election Isn’t Just Binary, It’s Existential

America is on the ballot this election. Vote for the Republicans if you love your country. Vote for the Democrats if you’d rather see it burn to the ground. That is, essentially, the argument put forward in a recent viral

The Reagan Revival We Need

It was the GOP convention of 1976. Ronald Reagan had just completed his departing remarks after losing a narrowly fought and bitter bid for the presidential nomination, when a woman on the convention floor exclaimed, “Oh my God, we’ve nominated

Vote for the Good Dad this November

Trump and Biden certainly differ on policy, but the more important and clearer contrast is in their leadership capabilities. The incumbent is emerging as a fatherly figure, while the challenger is fading into the form of an absent father.  Presidential

The Parable of the Stone Crabs

In the middle of last October, two harvesting operations went into high gear. At first glance, the two might seem completely unrelated. Actually, they had a lot in common. Taken together they offer a rather depressing political parable for our

Waco Whitewash King Vindicates Presidential Debate Commission

“Trump’s attack on the debate commission is an attack on the election itself,” blares the headline from today’s Washington Post op-ed page. That article was written by former senator John Danforth, who has been a member of the Commission on

The Foreign Policy Choice this November

Grappling with a pandemic, recession, and nationwide protests, most Americans are understandably focused on their own country as they prepare to vote. Foreign policy ranked a distant sixth among the top concerns of registered voters, according to an August survey

Inside America’s Other Pandemic

A silent killer is percolating in America. It began its journey in Wuhan, China, where it emerged from a lab, crossed the Pacific Ocean, and infiltrated the United States. It’s not COVID-19, it’s fentanyl—and in many parts of the country,

American Conservatism at a Crossroads

The Vanishing Tradition: Perspectives on American Conservatism, Paul Gottfried, ed., (Northern Illinois University Press, 2020), 232 pages, $22.95. Blame it on the Eighties, at once the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. According to the official

Remembering Hunter’s First Big Scandal

Well, it came a little later than most people expected, but Hunter Biden’s colorful resume has turned into a campaign issue after all. The New York Post‘s bombshell report last week—evidence that Hunter, as was long suspected, had capitalized on access

How the Polls Hide Trump’s Lead

On October 23rd, 2016, ABC News inaugurated its tracking poll with a Hillary Clinton advantage  of 12 points. It was a lead, ABC News noted, signifying the “broad disapproval” of Donald Trump. Around the same time, the Associated/GfK poll was giving


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