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America’s Window of Hope

There are many parallels between the personalities of Donald Trump and the second president of the United States, John Adams. Both Adams and Trump had sizable egos and demonstrated streaks of nearly unmatched vanity. John Adams was instrumental in getting

A Spiderman For Populists

(The following contains mild spoilers for the 2020 video game Spiderman: Miles Morales) It’s hardly a secret that the entertainment industry leans left. Your average Hollywood zip code resembles the cast and crew of a Democratic Party fundraiser. From cinema

It’s Time for Conservatives to Dump Trump

It’s time for conservatives to dump Trump. He’s a loser and a disgraceful one at that. Though he scored a political achievement of historic magnitude by transforming the political debate in America and setting the Republican Party upon a new

The Greatest Scandal of our Lifetime

What if I told you that thousands of lives could be saved during this pandemic if we followed the science? Instead of following the science, governments around the world are implementing the exact opposite of effective measures to combat the

What If We Aren’t Living in the End Times?

President Donald Trump’s four years in the White House changed many aspects of American politics, but none quite as apparent as the influx of apocalyptic political posturing on both sides of the aisle. Have we now reached the apex? It

Civil War II, Here We Come

Rudy Giuliani

The last straw was Rudy Giuliani stripping down to his borats and shouting “Never concede! Wolverines!” The Second Civil War had begun. “Newspaper” (so called because it once contained news and was published on actual paper, for the elderly) columnists

Why The GOP Should Tackle Student Debt

It’s the last taboo. You can find hordes of self-identified conservatives who are all in on the LGBT agenda. You’ll find plenty who see no problem with government-sanctioned infanticide, so long as we frame it in the language of rights.

Trump’s Legal Battle for the Election is a Mess

Having spent far too much time in recent days sifting through claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, I watched the press conference with Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell Thursday with interest. Here are several key takeaways, in

President Joe Biden Confronts a Radically Different World Than When He Was Veep

After taking the oath of office President Joe Biden may be tempted to resume policy as if it was January 20, 2017. But the nation and world with which he dealt as vice president no longer exist. The first challenge

Rand Paul Talks Trump, War, and Why the Cheneys Still Have ‘Blood on Their Hands’

It’s strange to think but Rand Paul is something of an institution now. He’s still an insurgent, of course, as he always has been, but he’s been a member of the Senate for almost a decade. He was first elected


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