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How To Have A Normal, Friendly Conversation: A Guide For Race-Obsessed White Leftists

The New York Times recently introduced a monthly advice column wherein a woman named Jenée Desmond-Harris answers questions by white leftists racked with anxiety about being white and interacting with minorities. It’s truly a case study in how delusional, narcissistic,

New EU Alert: Having A Sense Of Humor Is Proof You Might Be A Far-Right Terrorist

The European Union (EU) released a non-satirical report this week offering that humor, including the sharing of memes, could be a sign your peer is a “far-right extremist.” In partnership with the Radicalisation Awareness Network, an EU-funded group involved with

Here’s More Proof The Left Is Willing To Burn Everything Down For Power

America has been torched by the left’s scorched-earth strategy to defeat Donald Trump. While Trump was still in office, the price was already high. With Trump gone, we are learning that high price was just a down payment. Today, America

3 Ways The Left’s Hatred Of Women Shows Up In Transgender Ideology

Everyone knows the political left disdains men — at least, white heterosexual men who aren’t confused about their sex. But it also has a serious misogyny problem. For all the trumpeting of women’s rights, leftist policies frequently demean, disempower, or

Internal Divisions Plague The ACLU As Leftist Activism Trumps Free Speech Advocacy

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), an organization whose original mission was to defend free speech, is currently facing internal divisions as adherence to liberal causes takes precedence over their support for the First Amendment. Concern is mounting as progressivism

Liz Wheeler On Using New Media To Challenge Leftist Cultural Dominance

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Liz Wheeler, host of “The Liz Wheeler Show,” joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how transitioning into new media is challenging the left’s cultural dominance. “You’re untethered from Big Tech so

American Extreme Leftists: Much Ado About Nothing

Members of Antifa and Proud Boys clash in the middle of the street following the "Million MAGA March" in Washington, DC. on Nov. 14, 2020.…