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This Election Isn’t Just Binary, It’s Existential

America is on the ballot this election. Vote for the Republicans if you love your country. Vote for the Democrats if you’d rather see it burn to the ground. That is, essentially, the argument put forward in a recent viral

The Reagan Revival We Need

It was the GOP convention of 1976. Ronald Reagan had just completed his departing remarks after losing a narrowly fought and bitter bid for the presidential nomination, when a woman on the convention floor exclaimed, “Oh my God, we’ve nominated

Vote for the Good Dad this November

Trump and Biden certainly differ on policy, but the more important and clearer contrast is in their leadership capabilities. The incumbent is emerging as a fatherly figure, while the challenger is fading into the form of an absent father.  Presidential

Report: Chuck Schumer Pulls This Desperate Move to Stop FBI Director Wray From Investigating Hunter Biden

It’s official, Chuck Schumer is in full-blown desperation mode to stop the mounting case against Hunter Biden in any way he can. According to reports, Schumer is now warning FBI Director Christopher Wray that investigating Hunter will “undermine the rule

[VIDEO] The Reason This Young Woman Decided to Vote For Trump After Watching The Debate Might Shock You

President Trump’s debate performance last night was one of his best to date! He was calm, concise and he did amazing working cutting down Biden when it mattered most. More from Wayne Dupree But most importantly, his debate performance is

Pennsylvania Online Google Searches During Debate Spell Absolute Disaster for Dems

Well this could very well be the worst sign EVER for Biden. According to this screenshot, the trending google searches for Pennsylvania during late night’s debate were “change vote” and “end oil.” More from Wayne Dupree TIRED OF THE ADS?

[VIDEO] Biden’s Debate “Oil Blunder” Has Come Back to Haunt Him Already

Biden’s horrific statement he made on the oil industry at last nights debate is already starting to bite him in the butt. TIRED OF THE ADS? BECOME A PREMIUM USER TODAY!! More from Wayne Dupree In case you missed it,

[VIDEO] LA Times “Undecided Voter Zoom Call” Proves Biden’s Horrid Debate Performance Had a Major impact

If the Dems were watching the LA Times “Undecided Voter” Zoom call, they’re probably still punching the walls. It was really, really brutal for them. More from Wayne Dupree TIRED OF THE ADS? BECOME A PREMIUM USER TODAY!! Joe Biden’s

[VIDEO] Whoopi Goldberg is Now Trying to Take On Tucker Carlson…Big Mistake

Whoopi Goldberg spoke out on “The View” on Friday morning to demand that Fox News host Tucker Carlson apologize for the “nasty way” he treated last night’s debate moderator Kristen Welker. Goldberg made this demand of Carlson despite the fact

Chris Wallace Just Made a Shocking Admission About the Final Debate…He Has Zero Self Awareness

The Fox News host Chris Wallace has spoken out to admit that he’s “jealous” of Kristen Welker for her performance as the moderator in Thursday night’s presidential debate. Welker, who works for NBC News, was widely praised for her handling


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