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[VIDEO] If America Had More Dads Like this Guy, We’d Have Fewer Entitled Communist Brats Destroying the Country

Parenting isn’t easy. As a parent myself, I can tell you that it’s much easier to let your kids misbehave instead of putting in the hard work to correct their bad behavior and teach them how to be decent people.

[VIDEO] Trapped Motorists Look on in Terror as BLM Mob Holds “Anti-Trump” Street Rally, “I Will Smash Your Car”

Looks like Joe Biden’s supporters are out in full force, canvassing the streets on behalf of a man with Alzheimer’s. A very aggressive group of anti-Trump BLM organizers blocked motorists on the street in Times Square in New York City.

Getting Behind Enlightened Nationalism

Enlightened nationalism is not some blind worship of the nation. It is not a nationalism that wishes to denigrate or dominate others. It is a passionate attachment to one’s own country: it’s history, heroes, literature, traditions, culture, language, and faith.

[VIDEO] Seattle Liberals Want Trump After Democrat Rioting

The tide is definitely turning and people are waking up. The Dems started the “summer of riots” with a different outcome in mind. More from Wayne Dupree What they expected to happen was that the American people would rally around

Pro-Trump Actor Randy Quaid Floats Interesting Theory that Biden Picked Kamala in Order to “Protect Hunter”

When Biden’s handler’s picked Kamala a lot of people were shocked. Many people – me included – thought for certain that he’d go with Susan Rice. The reason why is that Kamala brings nothing to the table. She’s a Senator

Iranian Man Writes Tearful Message to James Woods “The Iranian People are Alone…Mr. Trump is Our Hope…”

I read this message from an Iranian man to James Woods and it made me feel so emotional. President Trump isn’t just a “hope” for America, he’s “hope” for so many people around the world – and times we get

[VIDEO] Dr. Fauci Says There’s No Reason People Can’t Vote in Person

The Dems need mail-in voting if they hope to have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning back the White House with a guy who has Alzheimer’s and his radicalized VP sidekick. But things are not panning out so well

[VIDEO] Judge Jeanine is Convinced “Something Will Happen” to Biden Before November

Judge Jeanine floated a theory that many people have suggested in one way shape or form…she doesn’t believe that Dementia Joe will be on the Dem’s ticket come November. Given how Joe can’t seem to string a sentence together and

Report: Chicago Police Union Begs Feds to Step-in After Soros-Backed Prosecutor Dismisses 25 Thousand Felonies…Some Murders

If you’re a regular reader of Wayne, you’re likely familiar with what I am about to say regarding communism. I repeat this a lot, but it’s meant to really drive home the fact that we’re literally battling full-blown communists

AOC Gets Lousy 60-Seconds to Speak at DNC Convention, While Fake Republican John Kasich Given Prime-Speaking Slot

On Wednesday night the Bolshevik wing of the Democratic Party got a punch in the gut from the party establishment pros, as it was announced that Squad leader, hysterical lunatic, and frothing leftwing Barbie doll Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) will


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