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[VIDEO] Trump’s Top Legal Advisor Sets the Record Straight on Sidney Powell – And it’s a Complete Game Changer

This just shows that you can’t believe the media hype. Recently the Trump legal team disclosed a fact known by many that Sidney Powell was not directly employed by the president, but is working by her own volition in exposing

Georgia’s Rebel Congresswoman Makes an Announcement on the Recount That’ll Have You Cheering

It’s starting to look like Georgia is finally about to get the reckoning they deserve. After performing a flimsy audit, that still somehow turned up over 2,000 votes for Trump, the state is now gearing up for another one that’ll

It’s Time for Conservatives to Dump Trump

It’s time for conservatives to dump Trump. He’s a loser and a disgraceful one at that. Though he scored a political achievement of historic magnitude by transforming the political debate in America and setting the Republican Party upon a new

NY Judge Tosses Out a Ballot With “Never Trump” Comment Written On It, Calls It “Distinguishing Mark Void by Law”

There’s no better way to stick it to President Trump by not only voting against him, but writing a rebellious message at the bottom of your ballot. TIRED OF THE ADS? BECOME A PREMIUM USER TODAY!! But the only problem

Fox News Now Getting Trounced in Almost Every Time Slot by MSNBC and CNN is Closing in On Them

Fox News has completely fallen off it’s high horse. Gone are the days when the ruled the airways and dominated every time slot. TIRED OF THE ADS? BECOME A PREMIUM USER TODAY!! The latest ratings show that many of Fox’s

[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson is Now Claiming Media “Colluded With Dem Candidates And “Machines Were “Rigged”

On Monday night’s show, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson opening segment was dedicated to telling his viewers the 2020 election was “rigged” against Pres. Donald Trump by Democrats, the media, and big tech companies. This is a huge turnaround from last

Report: Trump Lawyer Responds To 5-Year-Old Anti-Trump Comments; My Opinion Changed

Attorney Jenna Ellis has to respond to a Twitter post and comments she made about five years ago when she criticized then-candidate Donald Trump. Ellis seemingly opposed his candidacy, calling him “boorish and arrogant” at one point. The media found

Opinion: I Knew Sidney Powell Was Volunteering To Help Trump And The Country From The Start!!

Last Monday, Sidney Powell was on Rush Limbaugh show with Mark Steyn asking people to join the fight by donating to her 501c3 “Defending The Republic.” She did not mention donating to the Trump campaign told me she was on

[VIDEO] John Solomon Reports Wayne County Election Worker Just Filed Sworn Affidavit Stating She Was Instructed to “Falsify Ballots”

A Wayne County, Michigan election worker just filed a sworn affidavit that states she was told to “falsify” thousands of absentee ballots for Joe Biden, according to a new report. Award-winning investigative reporter John Solomon discussed the shocking new evidence

Trump Legal Team: State Certifications Are A Procedural Step; We’re Continuing Our Battle

On Monday, Rush Limbaugh threw some heavy firewood toward the Trump legal team when he said the following: ” I don’t know any more than you do about the Sidney Powell circumstance. I know many people have been curious to


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