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3 Ways The Left’s Hatred Of Women Shows Up In Transgender Ideology

Everyone knows the political left disdains men — at least, white heterosexual men who aren’t confused about their sex. But it also has a serious misogyny problem. For all the trumpeting of women’s rights, leftist policies frequently demean, disempower, or

San Juan Capistrano Cracks Down on Illicit Massage Parlors 

San Juan Capistrano is adding further restrictions to massage parlors in an attempt to discourage untoward businesses from prostituting human trafficking victims at the establishments. City council unanimously advanced amendments to a massage parlor ordinance June 1 and adopted a resolution proclaiming the city’s

California Supreme Court Renders Human Trafficking Decision Based on Orange County Case

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer (L) speaks during a news conference at the OCDA's office in Santa Ana, Calif., on Feb. 20, 2019. (Paul…