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Are You Sitting Down? Feinstein Just Sounded Like an Actual Sane American Patriot…

Diane Feinstein

While the tumultuous situation in the United States has split party lines even further, occasionally someone comes to their sense and starts actually speaking sanely. And oddly enough, that person appears to be Diane Feinstein. TIRED OF THE ADS? BECOME

SCARY: Violent Leftist Alec Baldwin Claims He Dreams of Seeing President Trump Hang

Another violent Democrat is dreaming of violent things.  Washed up actor Alec Baldwin claims he is dreaming of hanging President Trump.  Baldwin is part of the liberal gang that labels God and America-loving patriots violent. Breitbart reported yesterday: In yet

Rabbi Aryeh Spero: “They Not Only Want to Cancel Trump, They Don’t Want Us to Come Back — Like a Reign of Terror During the French Revolution” (VIDEO)

Share on Facebook Tweet Share Email Print On Wednesday morning Rabbi Aryeh Spero joined The Bannon War Room to discuss the acts of vengeance and humiliation evident today in our political climate. Spero’s appearance was just hours before Democrats and

The Validity of Recent Emails Released Showing Traitor Pence and Paul Ryan Conniving to Remove Candidate Trump in 2016 Appear to be Invalid

Emails released showing traitor Mike Pence and former Speaker Paul Ryan conniving to replace the Trump Pence ticket appear to be an influence operation well thought out some time ago. Attorney Lin Wood released emails last night showing traitor Mike

Project Veritas Identifies the Exact Moment Ralph Jones is Ordered by a Judge to Stop Preventing Poll Watchers Access to Activities Going on in Atlanta

Share on Facebook Tweet Share Email Print Project Veritas captured the exact same moment Atlanta poll worker Ralph Jones was told by the courts to stop preventing poll watchers from seeing what was going on at his location.  We identified

Incitement to Violence? Pelosi Tweet: “Trump Is Deadly to Our Democracy and Our People. He Needs to Go Now”

With the nation on edge following the certification of the Electoral College vote for president Wednesday that millions of Americans believe was stolen from President Trump and the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters that disrupted the joint session

Pelosi Calls for Trump to be Impeached or Removed By 25th Amendment as House Democrats Draft Articles of Impeachment to Remove Trump and Ban Him From Second Term

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called for the removal of President Trump by impeachment or the 25th Amendment at a press conference Thursday afternoon. Earlier Thursday Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) issued a similar statement. Pelosi: “Yesterday,

Corrupt Georgia Election Official Gabe Sterling Blames President Trump For Republican Senate Losses, Says Ossoff will Win by a Wide Margin (VIDEO)

Georgia’s ‘voting system implementation manager’ Gabe Sterling Wednesday morning trashed President Trump and blamed him for the Republican Senate losses. Sterling is not employed by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. He is an independent contractor doing the dirty work

Georgia Election Official Gabe Sterling Claims Processing was “Normal” At the State Farm Arena Election Night – Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth

Yesterday Georgia’s sinister Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger held a press conference.  He had Georgia election official Gabe Sterling do all the talking.  This was a big mistake. Yesterday Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger held a press conference.  This

Germany Extends COVID Lockdown, UK Tops 60K New Cases, NJ Suffers Most Deaths Since May: Live Updates

Summary: Germany likely to impose new COVID lockdown UK's chief scientific advisor warns vaccines could pressure virus to mutate NJ reports most deaths since May UK tops 60K cases Switzerland could be next Biden COVID advisor on SoCal hospitals: "what


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