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Pentagon Says It Won't Ask Taliban Permission For Future Afghan Airstrikes

Authored by Dave DeCamp via, The US has no plans to ask permission from the Taliban if it decides to bomb Afghanistan in the future, the Pentagon said in its latest statements addressing the issue. Since the withdrawal, the US has

Musk Publicly Praises China For Second Time This Month At Conference Held By China's Cyberspace Administration

The latest leg of Elon Musk's China ass kissing tour commenced this weekend in the form of a pre-recorded stream at the World Internet Conference, which was hosted by the Cyberspace Administration of China. This marks the second instance this

Container Ships Now Piling Up At Anchorages Off China's Ports

By Greg Miller of FreightWaves, There are over 60 container ships full of import cargo stuck offshore of Los Angeles and Long Beach, but there are more than double that — 154 as of Friday — waiting to load export

Lawyers & Scientists Are Building A Case For Why Natural Immunity Should Be Treated Same As Vaccination

Now that at least one employer in the health-care field – Michigan's Spectrum Health – has decided to accept proof of natural immunity from prior infection as reason to waive its vaccination mandate for all employees, legal expert (and the

Arizona Senate Hears Of Multiple Inconsistencies Found By Election Audit

Authored by Jack Phillips and Mimi Nguyen Ly via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Arizona lawmakers were told on Friday during a hearing on an audit conducted in the state’s most populous county of inconsistencies uncovered during a forensic audit

Despite Record Cargo Backlogs, Ports Of L.A. And Long Beach Still Don't Operate Around The Clock

Some of the busiest U.S. ports, including many in California, are still struggling with how to deal with significant cargo backlogs.  Yet, despite the backlog, the busiest U.S. port still shuts down for hours on most days and is closed

Here's What 'No-Coiners' Don't Get: It's Not Up To The Government

Authored by Mark Jeftovic via, My last couple of posts, the first on why a China-style Bitcoin ban can’t happen in Westernized liberal democracies  and the second on how cryptos are a beneficial counterforce to the coming CBDCs seem to have a hit

China Bans Advertisements For 'Cosmetic Beauty' Loans

A few weeks ago, Beijing abruptly scrubbed one of China's most famous actresses from the Chinese Internet, then outlawed the portrayal of "sissy men" – that is, men dressed effeminately, weak or woman-like (the South Korean boy band sensation BTS

Pritzker Goes To Bat For What The Wall Street Journal Calls "One Of The Greatest Fiscal Cons In History"

Authored by Mark Glennon via, President Biden and his allies in Congress are having a rough time winning support for a new, historic, gigantic spending plan, but they knew who to call for help. On Friday, Gov. JB Pritzker

Biden Gets Booster Shot, Says 97% Of Americans Need To Be Vaxx'd To Return To Normal

"Well, I think what's going to happen is you're going to see that, in the near term — or we're probably going to open this up anyway," he told reporters after a speech on the administration's vaccination campaign. "They're constantly