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Isolation, Social Distancing, Lockdowns And Masks. It’s All About Control

Terror can rule absolutely only over men who are isolated against each other. . . . Therefore, one of the primary concerns of all tyrannical government is to bring this isolation about.” —Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism Despite positive

Hillary Clinton Won’t Rule Out Serving In Biden Administration

Hillary Clinton Enemy of People

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won’t rule out serving in presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s administration if he wins the November election, Clinton revealed in an article published Thursday. Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, said that she

Leftist District Attorney Drops Charges On HUNDREDS Of ‘Peaceful’ Portland Protesters

Written by Wes Walker – Even the mayors of Chicago and Portland have acknowledged the criminality of some of these gatherings. But that doesn’t stop this DA from dropping hundreds of charges. They called it the American Experiment for a reason.

[VIDEO] AG Barr Just Went on Live TV and Promised Big Durham Dirt Will Drop Before the Election

Trump’s base has been getting antsy and annoyed with how long it’s taking to get some justice in the #SpyGate investigation. We’ve waited a long time and gone through a number of “Tick Tocks” that have turned out to be

Watch As Kamala Harris Laughs Hysterically After Joking About Killing President Trump

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE–OPINION Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) once made waves following an appearance on Ellen, where she laughed hysterically after joking about killing President Trump during a rapid-fire question session with host Ellen DeGeneres, Breitbart reports. At the

[VIDEO] Flashback: Kamala Harris and Ellen Degeneres Laugh Hysterically Over a Joke About “Killing” Trump or Pence

Fake Kamala Harris

Before “kind” and “amazing” Ellen Degeneres was blackballed by COVID and for being a phony, nasty, rude, intolerant tyrant, she was yucking it up on her talk show with Kamala Harris. The two women were chatting about what it’d be

BREAKING: Wikileaks Posts 137 Documents on Kamala Harris Hours After She Is Named Joe Biden’s Running Mate

Joe Biden chose California Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice President nominee. Politico reported: Advertisement – story continues below Joe Biden has selected Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate, elevating a charismatic blue-state senator, former prosecutor and onetime

Democrats In Panic Mode Over Biden’s Mental State, Desperate, Some Advise Joe To Not Debate, Others Expect Him To Be Replaced According To Reports

OPINION! Lawrence David| Imagine, if you will a political party supported by a rank and file so bereft of inquiry that they would support an Anglicized cardboard cutout of Xi Jinping… or a dementia-ridden old man who might as well

Sen. Ron Johnson Subpoenas FBI Director Christopher Wray For All Crossfire Hurricane Documents

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, subpoenaed FBI Director Christopher Wray last week for all documents related to Crossfire Hurricane, the investigation of the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia. The

It’s Happening: US Attorney John Durham has Requested to Interview Former Corrupt CIA Director John Brennan

It’s happening! US Attorney John Durham’s probe is nearing a conclusion. According to reports Durham as asked to interview former corrupt CIA Director John Brennan. U.S. Attorney John Durham has asked to interview former CIA Director John Brennan–who has agreed


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