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The View's Sunny Hostin Spews Lies and Hate About Sean Hannity

September, 2020: “Multiple COVID vaccines in the final phase of testing… It will only be a matter of months before a vaccine is readily available… If doctors and scientists say it’s safe my personal inclination is to take it.”  April, 2021: “Let

Reuters Gaslights Readers About Critical Race Theory

On July 15, a Reuters fact-check claimed that “many Americans embrace falsehoods about critical race theory.” But it is Reuters that embraced a falsehood, not the American people. Reuters denied that critical race theory teaches that “discriminating against white people is the only way

MSNBC Regular Mystal: Pro-Lifers Treat Women 'Like Incubators With Mouthparts'

On Tiffany Cross’s MSNBC show this morning, in a segment on abortion and Mississippi’s effort to overturn Roe v. Wade, MSNBC regular Elie Mystal twice portrayed pro-life people as treating women like “incubators with mouthparts.” Pro-life people would reject Mystal’s

‘Canceled in the USA’ Reveals How the Woke Mob Hurts Americans

The term Cancel Culture is bandied about in the press with too many caveats. Liberal news outlets preface the phrase with either “so-called” or put it in scare quotes. The message is clear. Many on the Right are blowing the

CRINGE: This Journalist Offered Oral Sex to Bill Clinton to Keep Abortion Legal

In the #MeToo era that we live in, there are certain journalists who have a lot of explaining and reflecting to do. Near the top of the list: Bill Clinton-era reporters who have made cringe-worthy comments excusing the president. It was

CNN Ponders 'Swearing Off Meat Completely' To Save Planet

CNN At This Hour with Kate Bolduan 11:51 DANA BASH: So, bill, what did you find?  BILL WEIR: I found it is a brave new world when it comes to what we’re going to be filling our bellies with going forward right now. Of

NPR Book Club Promotes Author Who Wants Race Riots and Looting Defined as 'Rebellions'

Last August, National Public Radio promoted a book titled In Defense of Looting. On Monday, the NPR Politics Podcast aired a “Book Club” segment where the NPR fans were supposed to read a book together, and this case it was

Painting Over Scandal: Nets Ignore Own Reporters, Skip Hunter Biden’s Latest Art Antics

In an unsurprising move, Hunter Biden’s life of corruption reared its head this week as, in addition to a dubious arrangement in which he (and the public) supposedly won’t find out who purchased his art when it goes on sale,

NEW NewsBusters Podcast: CNN Town Hall Lies and PolitiFact Lows

NEW NewsBusters Podcast: CNN Town Hall Lies and PolitiFact Lows Tim Graham July 23rd, 2021 8:56 PM Text to Speech 00:00 00:00 Font Size In the newest NewsBusters Podcast, we discuss CNN’s softball townhall with President Biden, and how moderator

BEST FOR BUSINESS: Univision PUSHES HARD For Immigration Via Reconciliation

Noticiero Univision July 23, 2021 PATRICIA JANIOT: Hello, this is Patricia Janiot. We begin this Thursday with the meeting that Vice President Kamala Harris held at the White House with activists and young DREAMers, in order to send a strong