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NBA, San Fran Ignore Religious Freedom In Vaccine Dispute With Player

To many of us, the most important element of life is our religion. It influences every decision we make and helps guide our conscience in matters of right and wrong. Our Constitution protects the individual’s right to practice the freedom of religion,

Stelter Math? Somehow, Spending $3.5 Trillion Isn't Really Spending $3.5 Trillion

On the reliably liberal Reliable Sources on Sunday, Brian Stelter and Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell teamed up to complain it was somehow “misleading” to try and put a number on a massive $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill the Democrats

PATHETIC: GoFundMe Deletes Fundraiser for Harassed Students

According to the folks over at Reclaim the Net, GoFundMe has deleted a fundraiser in support of harassed students at Arizona State University. GoFundMe’s excuse? They reportedly said the fundraiser violated its “prohibited conduct policy,” which bans “hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism,

'Family Guy' Bashes Sean Hannity: 'I Just Peddle Hate for Money'

Fox’s once-edgy Family Guy began its new season with a lame joke about Fox New’s Sean Hannity, claiming the conservative host “just peddle[s] hate for money.” In the episode, LASIK Instinct, on Sunday, September 26, Lois (Alex Borstein) accidentally hits Stewie’s (Seth

BBC's New Doctor Who Showrunner Flirted with 9/11 Trutherism

Over the weekend, it was announced that the BBC has selected liberal producer Russell T. Davies as showrunner for the long-running British science fiction series Doctor Who which, in recent years, has delved into promoting a liberal agenda on issues

NY Times Excuses Australia's Authoritarianism in Failing Fight Against Covid

The world has come to see the country through that lens — through the actions of its blinkered politicians. To some American conservatives, Australia has even become the world’s largest prison — its citizens all but barred from leaving or returning to

Zing! Tapper Scolds DHS Sec: Share Your Nice Words About Border Patrol With Biden!

CNN State of the Union 9/26/21 9:29 am EDT JAKE TAPPER: There’s been a lot of controversy about the images of border agents on horseback addressing migrants at the border. Take a listen to what President Biden said about the

Stelter: 'Assignment' for Journos Is to 'Prevent' GOP from 'Undemocratic' Power in 2024

In the latest chapter of CNN stoking hatred against Republicans and further dividing Americans, Sunday’s so-called “Reliable Sources” featured host Brian Stelter chatting it up with Yale Professor Timothy Snyder about what the mission of the liberal media should be

Trumpy? Biden Slams American Press Corps as Badly Behaved to India's Prime Minister

The Acostas and Stelters and Tappers would rage when President Trump “demonized” the press corps as badly behaved brats. But apparently, it’s okay when Joe Biden does it.  It wasn’t CNN, but the RNC that noted Biden’s latest outburst when

REWIND: CNN Wouldn't Admit, or Even Check If Hunter's Laptop Was Real; It Was a Russian Plot!

With Politico’s incredibly belated “revelation” about the validity of the 2020 New York Post stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop, it is interesting to look back at the sheer desperation on the part of much of the media to discredit that story