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Former US Attorney Joe diGenova: Obama May Not Be Indicted Individually But He and Biden May Be Included “In An Indictment As People Who Were Either Used or Participated” in a Criminal Conspiracy

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova was on the Howie Carr radio show again this week and as always, he provided more accurate information on what is going on in the John Durham investigation. Joe diGenova was with Howie Carr and

EXCLUSIVE: The Link Between Obama’s Deep State FBI and CIA Was For Sure Peter Strzok But Likely Joe Pientka As Well

The link between Obama’s Deep State FBI and CIA was Peter Strzok and likely, his partner in crime, Joe Pientka, as well. Advertisement – story continues below Laura Ingraham on FOX News had an excellent opening on last night’s show. 

Latest Michael Flynn Revelations Bring FBI Offer to Christopher Steele Back Into the Spotlight

Deep State Anti-Trump and Anti-American Coup

FILE – This Tuesday, March 7, 2017 file photo shows Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who set up Orbis Business Intelligence and compiled a dossier on Donald Trump, in London. No one has painted a more vivid or lurid


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