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These States Hold The Key To Who Will Win The Presidency, Goldman Says

Last night, we brought back our election night cheat sheet, a helpful guide to the potential pitfalls of one of the most hotly anticipated races in American history (for the Dems, the campaign to take back the White House effectively

Sign Of Caution? Corporate Insiders Absent In Pre-Election Dip-Buying 

In August, corporate insiders unloaded their own stock as S&P500 screamed to an all-time high price, with a forward P/E multiple surpassing the dot com peak of 27x. Corporate execs, at the time, were dumping their stock into unsuspecting Robinhood traders. Months later, “Wall Street suits”

Inflation Is Not A Social Policy

Authored by Daniel Lacalle, Central banks continue to be obsessed with inflation. Current monetary policy is like the behaviour of a reckless driver running at 200 miles per hour, looking at the rear-view mirror and thinking “we have not crashed

"Oops: What If He Does It Again": Here Is The Best Hedge Trade For A "Surprise" Trump Victory

If one goes by the official polls, one would conclude that a Biden victory is in the bag: according to RCP, Biden is a 7 point favorite, while Nate Silver has Biden’s winning odds at 89.2%. Of course, as 2016

UK Raises Terror Alert Level To "Severe", Meaning Attack "Highly Likely"

Days after imposing a one-month (at a minimum) lockdown, the UK is raising its terror alert level to “severe” (from “substantial”), meaning an attack is “highly likely” following Monday’s attack in Vienna, and the attacks last month across France. Another

Thousands Of Witches Are Casting "Binding Spells" On Donald Trump To Lose The Election

Who knew Trump Derangement Syndrome had made its way all the way to the supernatural realm? In a move we are not quite sure is going to necessarily translate to the voting booth, thousands of delusional adult “witches” are apparently planning to cast

Rules To Navigate A Contentious Election

Authored by Lance Roberts via, In “Policies Over Politics,” we discussed the markets’ historical trends during the presidential election years. That data mostly assumes the election process goes smoothly, and a President is declared quickly. However, in 2020, a very different

Watch: GOP Poll Watcher Denied Entry In Philadelphia Days After State AG Says 'Trump Will Lose'

A Republican poll watcher in the Philadelphia, PA was denied entry to a polling location despite having a valid poll watcher’s certificate. In a viral video posted by attorney Will Chamberlain, which gained over 700,000 views in less than two

Covfefe vs. Malarkey

By Michael Every of Rabobank, So here we are: US Election Day. There are so many ways to describe what is about to happen, from the short term and tactical to the long-term and strategic – and it’s a very

Lady Gaga Slammed On Social Media After Mocking Swing State Voters As Rednecks

Singer Lady Gaga has come under fire from working class Americans across the country after a video she posted to Twitter shows her not only endorsing Joe Biden, but apparently mocking rednecks in swing states while doing so. This weekend


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